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Do the Right thing: bloggers Unite!

By AntoniaRapheal, published on Mar 15, 2013 do is to follow God’s commandment, love one another. The religious should love the atheist, whilst acknowledging that their viewpoints will always remain poles apart. Love and tolerance is not and should not be dependent on a common ground. We are human and we all have to live on planet earth, that’s just about as communal as it gets.

It pleased me greatly to hear a Christian minister’s reply when asked about his opinion on gays, “I take a stand firmly based on love. While I regard it unnatural I do not do so out of hatred but merely as I consider the sanctity of gender ... (more)

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By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 14, 2011

What happened, that first time,

To those first humans? The bright light

In the dark sky, fading, being eaten

As if by some mad god, gone from sight,


What did he or she think

Would happen next? The mad god

Laughing at their fear, or worse,

Taking them out of life itself,


Into some neverland, obliteration

For all is inevitable, this is a sign?

Or, was it something altogether new,

A visitation from probability’s origins,


Launching all who dwell upon these shores

Into... (more)

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Argos, Outbound - Chapter !

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Nov 21, 2011

...inertial lag. And by then, most of the starships complement of five hundred souls had made their way to the many observation ports, to take a last look. They all had known from the moment they’d signed onto this expedition it was a one-way trip, and besides, what was there to go back to? The Earth, now a drastically tarnished pale blue, with numerous grey patches, grew smaller by the minute as their acceleration hit well above what had once been necessary to achieve escape from the earth’s dying atmosphere. And that speed would continue to increase steadily for the next several years.... (more)

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Earth Day: Alligators vs. Disappearing Acts

By Rebeca Lucret, published on Apr 13, 2010

... could have come about in a better fashion other than watching “Uncle Tony” and “Titi Eva” drown. Of course, this is an argument for another day at another time, but the questions remain valid and just. What can we do to save the Floridians? In a wider spectrum, what can we do to save the earth? How can we do it? Where do we begin?

April 22, 2010 will mark the 40thanniversary of Earth Day. It is a day dedicated to placing environmental issues front and center. A day when that which cannot speak, speaks. A day when the pebbles we kick, the stones we throw, the branches we swing... (more)

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