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A Stock Market Break? These Indices Say No

By michael lombardi, published on Jun 12, 2014

... that I think will continue; it’s why I continue to favor existing winners, especially among blue chips, because that’s what big investors continue to want.

It’s reasonable for the stock market to experience meaningful corrections and price consolidations. But the market’s enthusiasm for itself is once again showing some life.

Given current sentiment and in the absence of a shock, stocks could keep ticking higher right into second-quarter earnings season.

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How to Profit from This Declining Currency

By JuliaTyler, published on Mar 25, 2014

...this: in the fourth quarter of 2013, 60% of all the companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) missed their earnings expectations. (Source: Shmuel, J., “Why is the TSX rallying even as Canadian companies suffer?” Financial Post, March 20, 2014.) The fourth-quarter corporate earnings season for Canadian companies was one of the worst in about a decade.

Another problem that could escalate the economic slowdown in the Canadian economy is lower natural resource prices. Canada is known to have one of the best deposits of natural resources in the world. Currently, due to ... (more)

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