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Giving it away for free. Why?

By Shane Joseph, published on May 11, 2012

...for free!” And this has led me to realize why the traditional world of publishing, that is, those who try to make a living out of this business, have circled the wagons on their industry.

It is almost a given these days that a new writer has to self-publish his book and give away the e-book version for free. Some say that you have to give away three free for every one sold at $0.99. That is less than 25 cents per copy. How long will that take before you amass the minimum required to receive your first royalty check from the online retailers who are notoriously lax at paying?... (more)

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Is the e-book going to stall without standards?

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 24, 2011

Let’s see, a hard cover is a hard cover no matter which bookstore you buy it from, and a trade paperback is the same. But an e-book? At the technology end, there are formats as diverse as Kindles and .epubs and PDFs and PDPs. On the distribution side, separate distribution agreements are required for Nook, Apple and B&N, and of course Amazon is an enclave unto itself. On the device end, e-readers have already ceded to tablets and the innovation of non-glitter screens are losing out to the old laptop-style back-lit screen variety

How does one find an e-book that is readable on any... (more)

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