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Legalise the Drugs and Crime will halve

By Jennifer Stone, published on Apr 30, 2012

Drugs are probably the root to many of the unsolved murders and disappearances within Kings Cross. One of those Juanita may be hidden with in this building in Kings Cross where the alleged asking for money that was asked for ranged from $10000, to $2500 a week to $100000.00. Brothels are a legal business where I come from in Sydney Australia, well this brothel is legal. The asking for Protection money to open this business has been endless, some call it extortion others promote it as an advertising cost. In Australia we have had many Royal Commissions pushing for the unveiling of the hidden... (more)

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Decriminalise Drugs

By Jennifer Stone, published on Apr 26, 2012

Do we need drugs to control our life?

Now, do we need the shoortings, the OMBG’s as the police say causing the terror to the wider community. Do we need the drug barons’ sitting back on deluxe boats, having elaborate houses yet they in itself are promoting a product that causes carnage to so many people. From the poor babieis born with an addiction to the effects for the years on the Mothers that one day wake up and think about what they have done with there life.

Do we need the young lifes lost through overdosing. Even on legal drugs this happens except it is less frequent.

... (more)

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Those Thoughts Again

By D. Sager, published on Feb 20, 2012 fact, it grows. Negative thoughts breed and feed off each other. Where will I hide?

God, my creator, is a hiding place for me. He can restore me, heal me, and remove my shame. My heavenly Dad, can give me the strength to hold my head high once again, without the support of drugs, alcohol, music, gangs, belongings, or anything I have unsuccessfully leaned on. I need to know that God my father, sings over me. He sings because he loves me and has created me for great things. He understands my shame. He wants me to be whole again, to live without being affected by that ... (more)

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The Queen, Part 11 - Taking Out The Trash

By D. Sager, published on Feb 5, 2012

The sting of the needle, inserted quickly out of necessity, brought me back to consciousness. The graybearded, decrepit doc had me laying on the kitchen counter, working out of an old leather bag which resembled the texture of his skin. Evidently I was out for a while, as he busied himself cleaning up. I looked over my shoulder, seeing the body of our attacker wrapped in heavy plastic, red smears on the inside looking like a crazed water-color painting. My Queen was calm, her hands stroking the blood, my and his, from my body. I noticed a strength in me, her strength, unafraid and capable... (more)

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The Queen, Part 10 - The Resistance

By D. Sager, published on Feb 1, 2012

Whispering directions to her room, her voice was scant, forcing me to listen. Speaking softly, she could make others stop their routine to pay attention. Her eyes pulling them, me, closer as we leaned in to listen. She led me to her house, a loft in an unpretentious part of town. The door popped when she opened it, perhaps she hadn't been here in a while. My Queen had access to many places I'm sure, not to mention the access she gains so readily to the hearts of her subjects. The smell of incense, strong and lingering, permeated her sanctuary, adding an element of Eros to the sultry décor.... (more)

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Involuntary Treatment: Unethical but Not Always Illegal

By Burl Barer, published on Nov 26, 2011

...primarily involuntarily, to those who had no need of anti-psychosis medications. As documented by Richard Gosden and Sharon Beder, authors of “'Pharmaceutical Industry Agenda Setting in Mental Health Policies,” published in Ethical Human Sciences and Services (1991), the market for drugs treating schizophrenia was limited to prescription medications treating people who suffered from psychosis.

The way to expand the market was to promote the concept of a “pre-psychotic” phase of schizophrenia which requires preventative treatment before the person manifested any signs ... (more)

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People who receive welfare should be drug tested

By Lartinos, published on Nov 8, 2011

... if you want "free" money, go elsewhere and good luck. Those civil liberties you care so much about are lessened the day that you need to ask for money from your government.Now you do things on their terms, just as most people do so for their employers.

There is also an argument that these drugs tests can easily be beat. They can be beat, but to think it won't make a difference is foolish. There will be a small amout of people that manage to beat the test, but the vast majority, and especially the hardcore addicts, will fail. I don't think a drug like marijuana should be placed on the... (more)

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Thy Brother's Keeper

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 19, 2011

...just how far our sense of being our brother's and sister's keepers extends. The American sense of justice for activities that should not even be crimes would be as laughable as these idiotic laws still on the books, were it not for the fact that our government's war on another noun, mainly drugs, has caused the incarceration of so many of our own people, that it's calculated that over the course of a lifetime, you have a one in six chance of going to jail.

Outlawing polygamy is a case of the imposition of one religion over another and strictly Unconstitutional.

Newspapers ... (more)

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Part 1: Miscarriage Of Justice

By Lumiere, published on Mar 6, 2011

My phone rang as I stood in line waiting to get a cup of coffee with my mom, it was my ex, Williams calling. I decided not to pick up, to do so would violate the court order put into place in February 16th, 2011 that was now seperating us like the great wall of China. The wall dividing our hearts and our lives was there for a reason, and out of disgust I really did not want to speak to Williams, much less hear the sound of more lies and deception. Although curious as to why my ex was calling, I was not willing to go to jail for 7 years over a phone call and childish games. I had endured enough... (more)

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Losing Sheen

By baynurse, published on Mar 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen....You may have your opinions, you may have a name for him, A-hole, jerk, freak, ego maniac...

But, if a man were losing his leg to cancer would you call him those things and shun him? Then why are we ridiculing and laughing at a man losing his mind.

Bipolar disorder is a mental ILLNESS. Mr. Sheen is gravely ill and it will get worse acording to the progression of bipolar disorder. Symptoms of mania are increased self esteem, lack of sleep, increase in sex drive and behaviors, less need for sleep, rapid thoughts and pressured speech. the other side of mania... (more)

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