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Land Of The Rising Sun: An Airman's Tale (Part 1)

By Scorpion Sting, published on May 10, 2013 was to be an American in the United States Air Force living abroad in northern Japan. There were many aspects to living in Japan, from living there, working there, exploring there, learning the lifestyle, learning the culture, learning the language, trying new food, and finding new ways to drink a variety of the alcohols local to Japan. But, before I get into being in Japan I must back track a little bit to my time I spent at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver Colorado since that was the true start to my start in exploring drinking heavily with people I barely knew. Drinking wasn't new to... (more)

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Miracle Berries Shame Sugar

By Alethea, published on Oct 13, 2011

Sugar has certainly met some tough competitors in the recent years. Some have been less healthy versions, such as sucralose and aspartame, while other healthier alternatives have fought for recognition within the public, such as stevia and more recently, mBerry. Much like stevia, mBerry is low in calories, produces sweetness greater than regular sugar, and has had trouble being recognized by the FDA as an officially approved "sweetener".

So what is an mBerry? MBerry is the company that manufactures the mBerry tablets. These are condensed and dehydrated forms of the plant, Synsepalum... (more)

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