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Franki deMerle is the Author of Deception Past and Dragonfly

By Wrp68, published on Jul 14, 2011

...finally able to find peace in forgiveness and loving even those who seemed unlovable.

"Deception Past is a unique novel of reincarnation and past life identity theft told through tarot cards, as those involved learn to resolve betrayal with forgiveness."-New York Times

Dragonfly Dreams

Dragonfly Dreams by Franki deMerle is the story of two sisters and the man one of them falls in love with. Daphne ignores the dream she has on her wedding night and finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage. She dreams that there is a man somewhere who will truly love her and treat... (more)

Tags: poetry, dreams, memories, reincarnation, premonitions, past life regression

You must follow your dreams!

By Caballero_69, published on May 21, 2011

Daringly journey wherever they lead.

Do not be dismayed by any dastardly deed.

Shelter them; nourish them; help them grow.

Cherish them deep in the heart of hearts that you alone know.

Follow your dreams, Chase them with rigor.

Dreams are too precious for anything but vigor.

Be courageous; be loyal all day and all night

Refuse to give up; fight the good fight.

When the battle is raging and all may be lost,

Bear every burden and pay any cost!

Disregard worry and weariness; never give in!

To betray your dreams is the... (more)

Tags: dreams, courage, commitment, hope, integrity, aspirations, self-fulfillment

I May Never Sleep Again

By Gracey, published on Aug 17, 2010

I glanced at the table. Wine glasses; four of them. My purse, gloves, scarf. Nothing else. Sounds gradually seeped through the fog; restaurant sounds. The clinking of cutlery, the clattering of glassware; laughter, giggling, snickering; the droning sound of too many voices at once.A restaurant. I was in a restaurant. What restaurant or where, I don't know. And I was alone at the table.Around the table on the floor was a mess of tissue paper, wrapping paper, an empty box. What was in it? I moved (slowly) from the chair to pick it up; an inborn abhorrence for disorder, I suppose. As I stood my... (more)

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Uncle, Uncle

By Gracey, published on Aug 16, 2010

She was four. Dark hair pulled up tight in pony-tails, and skin baked brown by the sun. As she stood staring out the old wooden door with it it's summer screen, her feet bare with their chubby toes curling in and out, she felt a whispering in her mind. The summer air was hot, the sun burning overhead. The buzzing of insects wove itself into a siren song, and she hesitantly pushed open the door. It squealed, the sound of iron hinges and old springs was familiar. Tightly clutched in her arms was a small white and gray bundle of fuzz. She didn't want to go out there. She was afraid, though she... (more)

Tags: dreams, memories, nightmares, snakes, tales

My Father's Shoes Just Don't Fit

By Robert Petril, published on Aug 14, 2010

...had created my first furniture design. Those two days changed my life forever! The sofa was made, and it actually sold!!

Since then I've never looked back. I took off my loafers, business suits, and my ties. I rolled up my sleeve to proudly display my tattoo, and began to follow my real dreams. I've been designing ever since. Furniture of course, but also my home, motorcycles, the way the dinner table was set, and anything else I can get my hands on. I've even modified my own clothes. I now live my life with great passion and happiness. I will always believe if you can dream it, you... (more)

Tags: china, dreams, design, furniture, modular, shenzhen, robert petril, furniture design

Portentous Dreams and Signs Part Two

By Theresa H Hall, published on Mar 28, 2010

I was sitting at my desk typing away, and I had to stop a minute to remember the proper spelling of a word. It's easy nowadays to just arrow to the left, press the control button and hold the mouse down, to see the spelling or a menu of suggested replacements. You know how you stare into the screen or off into the distance and you are transported? Yes, I can tell you do. Well, this is exactly what happened to me. One minute here and the next ...

It was hot and the sun was just about to set. I could smell the acrid odors given off by the ground from the heat of the day's blazing sun.... (more)

Tags: dreams, personal, fiction account, part two

Portentous Dreams and Signs

By Theresa H Hall, published on Mar 5, 2010

~ Part One ~

Recently I have experienced many unsettling or 'bad' dreams; more than ever before. Almost two years ago, a few weeks before my husband was scheduled to go on tour overseas, I woke up in a blind panic. My nightdress was clammy from my fretting and tossing beneath the sheets. Wild-eyed I clutched the covers to my chest and literally shook for about three minutes. "It's just a silly old dream," I told myself. "You know you shouldn't eat Chinese food after ten o'clock and fall asleep on a full stomach," I admonished.

I got up and took a long hot shower in order to warm... (more)

Tags: dreams, part one, personal, fiction account

An Idea Born

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Nov 25, 2009

I was talking to a friend the other day and I was telling him about this great new idea I had. I literally only got through half of my monologue when he cut me off and told me all the reasons it wouldn’t work. He hadn’t even heard the best part!!

I’m sure this has happened to each and every one of you reading this. So it got me thinking. How does an idea become more than an idea. I’m not talking about necessarily "tipping" and then going viral, I’m talking simply, how does an idea move from your head to the table?

So as I went through the process in my head, I realized that all... (more)

Tags: dreams, ideas, ten steps, eeyore, doubt, motivation, action, collaborate

The Remarkable Story Of Kenny Lane

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Aug 8, 2008

... 9, 1932 and died of a heart attack on August 5, 2008 at age 76. He was inducted into the Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame's second class in 1988 and the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004.

The point I'm trying to make here is don't use an excuse that you're old and can't accomplish your dreams or goals. If you want to lose weight, get Sara Lee and Jenny Craig out of the menu and be active in a gym and eat the right kinds of food. Good O' fashion diet and exercise never hurt anybody. There is no quick fix! You got to do the work if you want the results that you dream about. Exercise... (more)

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