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That’s how; we undertake our journey of life

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 19, 2012

Life upturns with no clue

At the hindsight of reversal we assume, we learn

The moments of rejoice seldom doubts

That’s how; we undertake our journey of life

In usual captivity of realm of our belief, we trust

We fail to see a dagger, eager to stab

All gets camouflaged with fanfare of optimism

Over the murderous assault of betray, we cry

That’s how; we undertake our journey of life

Dream defines easy terms and life takes unusual burdens

In the conjectural spectrum of life, we wonder and drift

Even the drift has it course

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Make My Dreams come True

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 6, 2012

Take me in your arms

The story of wait to be concluded

Unwritten notes of my thoughts, can you read

Who knows my longing better then you?

Onto the pages of story, words rejoicing with your thoughts

I am living in the corridors of our comforting dreams

Come now and fetch me the glittering happiness

Come and hold me to create our world

In the breathing space of my dreams, I live

I wonder if there is a dream without you

The dreams communicate and I pray they do

Come, take me in your arms and make my dreams come true.


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Lost In Complaency

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 17, 2012

Is your life a compromise?

Doing what others dictate

In the process losing self

Feeling pieces of your soul

Falling into the abyss ...

Erasing your dreams

Living a safe life

Leaving you hallow

Regulated by the ticking

Of the clock...

Where did your smile go?

Why did you let them steal this?

Will you ever reach beyond?

Reconnect with your beautiful

Essence of sacred truth...

Bemoaned silence still lives

Though hidden from those

Judging our every breath

Suffocated... (more)

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You Cannot Lie To Yourself

By Uttam Gill, published on Oct 21, 2012

...yourself in tandem with your emotions. You never blinked once, to share your feelings; unlike others, you remained as, what you are. Undeterred, unfettered, unbridled and untrammeled, you carried yourself in equanimity with your perfection and deformity. You know, you are not a God and neither a devil; but as a plain human being, you devised the way to live.

You understood that it was imperative to create your world of happiness. You understood the legitimacy of your aspirations and of your dreams. You knew that you could not lie to yourself because it's your life, not theirs.


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Dream and Live

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 24, 2012

...of alien. In our mind there are certain sacred and sweet memories which are etched forever and that can never be robbed. And these etched impressions, lie dormant for years but with the kiss of one magical moment, it awakens you to find your lost self. These impressions are nothing but your dreams of existence. It is about the time when you laughed danced and lived fully. Your own existence is not a cheap piece of commodity which can be bargained with invasive alien.

You have your life to live with. No one can rob you unless you permit them to do so. Deny firmly the invasive... (more)

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And I remain as it is

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 2, 2012

Fear envelops my mind

Hope tragically seems to wean

Silken thoughts are roughed up

Running out of thoughts as I assume

On to the window sparrow refuses to sit

Titles of my pain can be seen, boldly written

Mourners too have left…no more mourning

Inconsequential queue of my long emotions

Patterns of miseries are getting too predictable

Piling burden of setbacks raise no more siren

To fall or rise has lost its relevance

Gladiators of life do not cry…Oh! It’s a terrible lie

Looking around seeing people smiling

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Believe, to believe in yourself? If you don't who will!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 24, 2012

Have you held yourself back without really knowing?

Is your body language saying one thing and your words saying another?

Have you thought why your life is just not happening?

Are you terrified of your dreams if you could complete them?

Many people have huge dreams, never realising that they can make it. Never thinking more than once at the fact that if they knocked again on the door that wouldn't answer or Get out and talk on how to fix the problem then more would happen in their lives.

Have you thought, you'd like to be a millionaire?

How to achieve... (more)

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Go Ahead...You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 22, 2012

...boundaries. Have all the courage of convictions at command of your will, so that you can plough through adverse times.

This is your life and living itself with your own term, contributes to your creation. You now have everything in you to take on the world. Now is the time to build your dreams…now is the time to realize dreams…now is the time to reinvent yourself and now is the time for you to say that yes, you can do it…And when you do this, remember, then you establish your own identity…An identity which recognizes you with strength.

You hold in you a tender soul and ... (more)

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Keeping Your Dreams To Yourself

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 7, 2012

...No matter if it’s authoring a bestselling novel, winning the shiny statue at next years Academy Awards for best actor, drawing some lucky lottery numbers, building that huge company on your own, climbing Mt. Everest, having a child, or getting married to the right person who fits you best, dreams are there for us to manifest insides ourselves, and shouldn’t be open for the world to debate. God wants whatever it is you yearn for to be your dream, and no one else’s. It’s part of his inheritance given to you upon your birth, and he planted it inside to grow till its realization... (more)

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Dreaming? Goal setting? Or manifesting?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 30, 2012

Dreams, people anyalsis them all the time. You can buy books, have your dreams heard by a person with a gypsy look having an answer to your own problems.

Yes, we go to tarot card readers. We put our faith into the palm readers do we ever hold much attention into whether it is true. Whether it is our imagination or whether it will ever happen. Could we put it as a goal and strive for it. Or does our subconscious mind take these readings or half beliefs and turn them into our future.

Many of you will think it is all hogwash, we can't steer our subconscious minds. However with... (more)

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