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Nomadic nights

By JennyT, published on Sep 9, 2013

fingers splintering on bare wood the night, eyes closed ~ except through my third eye, the centre of my brows

early hours are silent, bar the tinkering ivories that draws me from unconscious sleep dreams will not be ReMembered when I wake yet still I wonder

violins draw close, like moths fluttering, movement; bow on strings music helps my flight, as I drift or am I deep in slumber now

wings circle overhead escaping from the birds hush morning do not come to soon I am in the woods, a far off place morning will enter, UNknowingly disturb

spin… SPin hallucinating?... (more)

Tags: poetry, dreams, prose, nightmares, dragons, restless, insomnia, sleeplessness, violins, pianos

Author M.R. Mathias Releases The Wizard and the Warlord

By Wrp68, published on Jun 23, 2012

Award winning author M. R. Mathias is proud to announce the July 4th release of The Wizard and the Warlord – The Wardstone Trilogy Book III.

To celebrate the conclusion of this mammoth epic trilogy he is offering book one, The Sword and the Dragon for just $1.88. This huge novel has been in the Top 100 of the Amazon Kindle Fantasy/Mythology Bestselling lists in the US and UK for 23 straight months. Get direct links to Amazon, B&N, Sony, & iStore here:

If you're one of the many thousands who has already read book one, a huge preview... (more)

Tags: novel, adventure, fantasy, dragons, ebook, epic fantasy, sword, fantasy trilogy, fantasy saga

Author M R Mathias Releases The Confliction Compendium

By Wrp68, published on Dec 15, 2011

...for The Dragoneers Saga "The action is fast and furious, and the novel has the author's trademark twists on the traditional storyline and keeps one guessing where it will go. It is a fun book that I heartily recommend." -- Fantasy Book Critic

Mathias is a master at characterization. The dragons are magnificent in the story. The Royal Dragoneers is book one in the The Dragoneers Saga. The plot is action is fast, furious and never ending. The plot is intricately woven with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing. The story has a mythical quality. Fans of fantasy will not... (more)

Tags: novel, adventure, fantasy, dragons, ebook, epic fantasy, sword, fantasy trilogy, fantasy saga

MR Mathias Reveals The Cover For The Wizard And The Warlord

By Wrp68, published on Nov 16, 2011

...development and attention to detail are so rich, that you are literally sucked into this novel. This massive work of a masterpiece will be glued to your hands and mind. One of the greatest novels I have read in a long time. A must read for any and all interested in the lives and times of dragons.

5 stars - Great Read

I enjoyed this one so much that I purchased the author's 'Dragoneer' series. I honestly don't know which I enjoyed more. I am eagerly awaiting the next one.

5 stars - Loved it!

This book is intense. It has suspense, romance, heartache, action,... (more)

Tags: novel, adventure, fantasy, dragons, ebook, epic fantasy, sword, fantasy trilogy

Author M. R. Mathias Releases Cold Hearted Son of a Witch

By Wrp68, published on Aug 21, 2011

...It was deemed a top indie release of 2010 by esteemed Fantasy Book Critic, and it was featured in the first ever Publishers Weekly - "Indie Showcase."

Now, Book II - Cold Hearted Son of a Witch brings The First Dragoneer and The Royal Dragoneers together. Zahrellion and Rikky and their dragons go on a quest to find the special mushrooms Mysterian needs to save Prince Richard from Gravelbone’s poison. Meanwhile, Jenka and his loveable dragon, Jade, escort the King's Rangers back to Kingsmen's Keep. When Jenka and the half-elvish mute, Lemmy, find a map at the Temple of Dou, they... (more)

Tags: magic, fantasy, dragons, m r mathias, kindle book, action fantasy

Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools by M.R. Mathias

By Wrp68, published on May 11, 2011

International bestselling independent author M. R. Mathias is proud to announce the upcoming release of the second installment of his Wardstone Trilogy: Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools. The ebook version will be available for download in late June 2011 with an official release date of July 4th 2011. Mathias chose this date to celebrate the freedom his writing has brought him.

Mathias’ is a great story says W.R. Potter, founder of the Independent Authors Network. From writing huge epic novels while in prison for drug abuse, to the top of the Amazon fantasy bestsellers lists worldwide.... (more)

Tags: dragons, fantasy book, epic fantasy trilogy, new fantasy book release, success after prison

The Sword and Dragon by M.R. Mathias

By Wrp68, published on Mar 2, 2011

...has a plan for the humans who are invading his territory. Join some brave young men and a particularly clever magic wielding woman, as they traverse the wild frontier, and sail the sea to warn their king. Then hold on for your life as you tear through the pages, because the pure blood dragons they have befriended have a plan too!

M. R. Mathias also writes paranormal thrillers under the pen name Michael Robb. His haunting chiller The Butcher’s Boy is now available as well.

In the authors own words:

The jewel you see glowing in the ring in my author’s photo... (more)

Tags: fantasy, young adult, m. r. mathias, the royal dragoneers, the sword and the dragon, dragons

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