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Anything You Can Douche, I Can Douche Better

By Glenn T, published on Aug 31, 2009

There is something truly incredible about the men of Los Angeles; something that defies all logic or understanding. Because just when I think that I've seen the art of douchebaggery reach its highest, or rather, lowest point, and without even seeking it out, I come across someone (or two) ever so much worse. It's as though L.A. has become the epicenter for dressing yourself like an asshat and then acting as though you're walking around in classic Armani suit. I'm not certain whether to laugh or to cry. But, ever since I read in my April Esquire magazine about "end of the douchbag era" (courtesy... (more)

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By Glenn T, published on Jul 14, 2009

...hate for one brand to bear the brunt of my criticism for an entire genre of clothing, but since they had no problem being the flagship for faux bad-assery (FBA for short) when it was making them millions, I have no problem throwing Affliction under the bus for being the easiest way to spot a douchebag short of having them actually wear scarlet D's. I can recall the appeal of more artistically designed and printed t-shirts when Abercrombie was unwilling to produce anything that didn't have either a large number or cheeky sexual innuendo printed on it. I even bought some of these shirts;... (more)

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