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A good Detective Inspector, Fred Krabe, what is the truth?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 22, 2012

...the killer to Griffith, the person he thought had murdered Juanita Nielsen. Krabe was looking for the significant evidence and exposing the drug network.

19 July 1977 Krabe was hired by Frank Nuggan to investigate in Griffith, this was far away from Kings Cross where allegedly Donald Mackay's body is located. This was just to push Krabe into how the mob working, having him looking in the wrong area and feeding him stories to get him looking somewhere else, he wouldn't think that Donald Mackay had been taken to Kings Cross to be hidden allegedly where Juanita Nielsen was, just ... (more)

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What the police allegedly miss? In the Cross Fire

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012 was stopped. WHY?

What the Royal Commission 1994 missed was that there were two Pink Pussycat Clubs one at 38A Darlinghurst Road and one at 86A Darlinghurst Road. By missing this evidence, the Royal Commission allegedly was close to locating the bodies of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay at that time, yet it was evidence that was allegedly kept hidden from Justice Wood and the Royal Commission to hide the secrets allegedly of the drug running and the allegedly company behind the position of King of the Cross *The Hells Angels Ltd which allegedly Abe Saffron at that time of... (more)

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Dear Prime Minister, Please help!!!!!!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 2, 2012

...justice. Phuong Ngo should be allowed to walk free or a retrail, however the person I believe through the evidence that pulled the trigger is dead by the internet research.I have asked police to search a brothel in Kings Cross in relationship to information I have given on Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, Beaumont Children and Howard Tyrell. How did I find out? Well the organised criminal gang just told me under the use of conversation hypnosis for some of the links and a huge amount of research. Allegedly this brothel is the hidden secret brothel of Abe Saffron's Pink Pussycat Club........ (more)

Tags: police, prime minister, juanita nielsen, kings cross, bones remain, donald mackay, howard tywrell

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