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Yes...You Hold The Distinction

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 12, 2013

...the rules of the game here of this world. With the arrogance of self proclamation, people try to write-off genuine concern. Who the hell are those who talk so loudly about humanity under the draconian practices and belief? It sucks me to see the outrageous hypocrisy over the issues like domestic violence and marital discord. Many with no fault of their own are receiving a raw deal from the life and on top of that, an incendiary evaluation with heinous strictures by the society makes things worse for them. Are we not overzealous with presumptuous assessment about such people? Why the hell... (more)

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Is Marriage an Obsolete Concept?

By dchaitanya, published on Jul 16, 2012

Quite a good majority of urban educated women says marriage is a a hinderance to their freedom and progression. Women are born free, but still their freedom is shackled under the guise of marriage, through out their life. Eventhough the shackles of marriage were broken by the hard-core feminists long ago, it is only today majority women around the world are realizing the importance of physical freedom to them unrestrained by the institution of marriage. Today they either prefers to be single or to have only live in relationships with a view not to loose their natural freedom. Increasing education... (more)

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By dchaitanya, published on Apr 13, 2012 adjust emotionally between the part-time lover’s memories and legally wedded husband they undergo psychological trauma, and when this maladjustments lead to matrimonial conflicts, the marriage turns “short-term”, leading to divorce inevitably after filing dowry harassment and domestic violence cases on Husbands and inlaws. Later search will begin for second marriage. Even if that is failed Third search….no end for this searching for fickled minded girls and guys.

This social change is quite visible when you observe the number of matrimonial advertisements in the daily... (more)

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Empowered Women

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 30, 2012

...modesty of a woman. These women are languishing in dark corners of the world and life to them is not less than hell.

Why they are in such situations? Who is responsible for this?

Some of the reasons, which are responsible for this, are:

Abject poverty Male chauvinism Domestic violence Societal norms Indifferent attitude of the society Lack of empathy towards women Lack of strict laws Ignorance Lack of education Lack of economic freedom to woman

All the facts certainly in one way or other facilitate conditions that subject women to intense miseries. In a... (more)

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Rise above the darkness and be the light of the world

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 15, 2011

...with an assurance of handsome income but in the contrary she falls into the trap of prostitution racket and never comes back. My dear friends, organized crime syndicates are thickly into it. The street fights…gun battles…street domination by the goons…prostitution…child abuse…domestic violence are one way or another related to chaotic situation and these things are the surrogates of big crimes. Who is going to check? I narrated the issue in brief and its ramification I hope you would know now the problem is not so simple. It doesn’t mean that we be a sitting duck for anybody ... (more)

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11 Things I Wish My Daughter To Know

By D. Sager, published on Dec 15, 2011

1) Hold your head high, you are beautiful, every day, all the time. When a man asks you to change your appearance to be acceptable to him, walk away and be yourself. Develop your character inside. Beauty is deeper than an outward appearance.

2) Respect yourself. In all you do and say, be a woman of class and honor. You will not get respect until you respect yourself.

3) Follow your dreams, never let a relationship, whether it be friendship, or love, rob you of what you dream.

4) Be independent, make sure of your own finances, health, and career. Always have... (more)

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Part 1: Miscarriage Of Justice

By Lumiere, published on Mar 6, 2011

My phone rang as I stood in line waiting to get a cup of coffee with my mom, it was my ex, Williams calling. I decided not to pick up, to do so would violate the court order put into place in February 16th, 2011 that was now seperating us like the great wall of China. The wall dividing our hearts and our lives was there for a reason, and out of disgust I really did not want to speak to Williams, much less hear the sound of more lies and deception. Although curious as to why my ex was calling, I was not willing to go to jail for 7 years over a phone call and childish games. I had endured enough... (more)

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Doing Right By My Sons

By LiftingMeUp, published on Sep 13, 2010

I am a woman.

And I am a mother.

A mother of boys.

I need them to grow up to be men.

I need them to learn from their mother how to be men.

One day you will stop being my babies.

You will walk out of my arms.

Into the arms of another.

You will walk into manhood.

Into adulthood.

With all the wisdom I could possibly have given you.

I need you to know how to fend for you yourself.

How to read and write.

How to speak and communicate.

How to feel and be understood.

How to understand and be felt.

... (more)

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Say No To Dowry

By Barkha Dhar, published on Sep 3, 2010

Marriage is an entity of benign omens and configurations made in the heaven, performed on the earth. It’s a gracious threshold to unification of two souls and of two families. As a prime religious ceremony, its zenith lies in a father’s courage to give away his piece of heart, his daughter in a poised and sacred alliance to another man as her better half. Also known as “Kanya daan” in Hindu wedding, it’s the father of the bride that offers his daughter for marriage on a promise that the groom shall perform his duties as a husband according to the vedic(religious) hymns recited during the ceremony.... (more)

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