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Daft Dinosaurs

By Anastasia , published on Feb 8, 2013

...destinies were governed by despots.

Now it’s different; now we have Twitter, millions of raspberries blown in the face of the latest absurdity from those formerly used to public reverence. It’s a form of freedom that manages to transcend the limits imposed on everyday expressions of dissent. Even those who live in authoritarian states, at least where tweeting is allowed, can express a view reasonably free from detection.

I was thinking of this on reading about the latest absurdity by Saudi Arabia’s morality police. Yes, the country has a morality police, bearded... (more)

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If at first you don’t Succeed, Secede!

By Anastasia , published on Nov 16, 2012

I was amused to discover on Blog Catalogue earlier this week that secession petitions are flooding into the White House in the wake of Barack Obama’s re-election to the presidency. What, are we really back in 1860, is American on the threshold of a new Civil War? No and yes, is my answer, a point to be clarified a bit later.

There they are, pleas coming from some of the same offenders: from Texas, from Alabama, from Georgia, from Louisiana, from South Carolina, from North Carolina, from Tennessee, from Arkansas and from Florida, all former members of the old Confederacy. There are... (more)

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Russia, a Slave for a Thousand Years

By Anastasia , published on Aug 19, 2012

There is something rotten in the state of Russia. It gets more rotten by the day. There is something rotten in the state of Russia and its name is Vladimir Putin. Putrid Putin, I was tempted to write, and I just have! A former KGB operative, he is now the shady president of a country descending into the worst forms of political gangsterism. Actually, it's just descending into gangsterism, period.

So, what brought this on? It was my first angry reaction when I read on Friday about the vindictive jail sentences passed against three members of Pussy Riot, a female punk band that mounted... (more)

Tags: russia, law, persecution, vladimir putin, pussy riot, political oppression, dissent

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