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A Real Life Joke

By melanie jean juneau, published on Sep 30, 2013

Answer: Three.

"Three?", you gasp, "But how is that possible!"

Ah, well, quite possible when all three women either refuse to drive, are reluctant drivers or simply cannot drive a car at all. This is not some anti-female slur. I am simply relaying the facts.

The most important person in this triad was my sister, Elizabeth, the chauffeur by default, driving the intimidatingly large, luxury machine. Incidentally, the car's owner was bed-ridden, suffering more over concern for his beloved vehicle than over any leg pain following major surgery.

Clutching the wheel, Elizabeth... (more)

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Close, But No Cigar!

By Innocent Owner, published on Dec 11, 2009 down the road with our pristine print out of MapQuest sitting beside us unlooked at, we wonder “where am I?” Our second thought is usually, “how did I get here?” It never occurs to us to actually READ the thing we printed out. We briefly think to ourselves, should we ask for directions, but that thought disappears as quickly as the life of the bug that just hit our windshield. We are lost and we will never admit it. We would rather drive around 45 minutes to get to a place 15 minutes away before asking for direction. After all, if a butterfly can find its way from North... (more)

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