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Comparing America's Top 10 Burger Chains

By Humble Opinion, published on May 25, 2012

There is no more welcome sight in this world to a road weary traveler than the sign on the side of the highway telling them that one of America's fast food burger chains is coming up at the next exit.

Scattered across the countryside, and in virtually every small, medium and large city in the United States, burger joints are the food of choice for those in a hurry, those on a budget, or just an aficionado of meat laden sandwiches.

Today we'll compare ten of America's best known burger franchises, looking for taste versus value.

Number 10. McDonald's

No surprises... (more)

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Comparing America's Top 10 Pizza Chains

By Humble Opinion, published on May 20, 2012

As one of the nation's favorite comfort foods, pizza has become the staple of choice for Americans of all walks of life. Devoured by the millions during televised sporting events, the gooey concoction of cheese, meats and vegetables piled high on different types of pie crusts, has satisfied our hunger for generations. With the rise of national fast food pizza chains across the land, let's take a look at ten of them, comparing value for your money as well as taste.

Number 10. Chuck E. Cheese

A virtual carnival greets visitors as they enter a Chuck E. Cheese establishment. Parents... (more)

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Dining to my grave

By Jane Hunt, published on Mar 2, 2012

Is this why we fall apart?The stupid idea of a broken heart.Surely if it breaks we should die,And send our souls toward the sky.

Lies we’re told as we grow old,Of roses romance and lifetime love.Why don’t we crush our bonesAnd eat our flesh,Consume ourselves and be our own.Gnaw and grind on blood and bone,And eat our lives alone.No leftovers to share.

I started on my left foot,And reached my knee by night.In the morning weak and tired,I drank my blood and understood.That I, only I could love myself,Enough.

On Tuesday after I’d begun,I started to kiss my fingers... (more)

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