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The Big Lie Nobody Challenges, and How to Have Eternal Life!

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Jan 12, 2014

We don't need to look far to find scandal, abuse, adultery, the use of pornography, lying, drunkenness and other types of reprehensible behavior among people that are supposed to be living good Christian lives. People that call themselves 'Christian' are many times the opposite of what one would consider a Christian to be (I include myself in this group, in times past). While there is an aspect of human frailty and weakness that we all will struggle with to some extent, there is a doctrine that has become a 'pillar' of the vast majority of Christian churches which is not Biblical and has led... (more)

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By KLiedle, published on Jan 26, 2010 heart beat fast;

Adventure within my soul, yet--

The elation of airiness has me float like a marshamallow

Beyond this world and back

Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

It's not the temptation I shall fear,

But its leader that I follow--

The devil masquerading as my friend.

Once you spew the fires of evil

You cannot take it back

While others sign the dotted line

And seek comfort in its warmth,

I've seen the gates of hell

And run away from its flames

No longer will I fall into... (more)

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