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Birthed in a Crucible of Despair

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 13, 2014



Too exhausted now to carry out any nefarious plans she had concocted to end her own life.

Depressed , empty, seemingly devoid of hope

At a dead-end of nothingness.

Yet, a tiny flicker appeared, a flame of inspiration birthed in a crucible of despair

A thought rose up, swelling until all other notions were pushed aside,

a thought of surrendering everything to God.

Her past, present and future with plans, hopes, desires and disappointments.

Even more, Caroline offered her identity, her very core self.

... (more)

Tags: hope, despair, conversion

Way Back Home

By Warlie Zambales Diaz, published on Feb 6, 2012

When darkness falls and all was lights so lonely,

A child left torn, yearning for mother’s song.

That grief within his heart will sojourn so long.

Yesterday’s laughter, he can recall merely.

For tomorrow he will face life solely,

In search of the lost home, where he belong,

Waiting for someone to lift him up along,

To feel the love he desire and smile truly.

What people see in him is a mask of mirth,

As after everyone leaves, fadeth to sorrow,

Disguising a lost soul against the cold.

And those lamping eyes hold pains... (more)

Tags: poem, family, love, truth, home, homeless, despair, sadness, going home, veracity

The Work Week

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Nov 22, 2011

... by the neck,

Spins it around like some kind of demon windmill,

And sends it where no suns ever shone,

No dreams ever wandered,

No birds ever flew.


He looks around, listens for the sound of loneliness,

Finds it hiding in a holly tree,

Then, sweet as you please, takes it out to dinner,

And makes it change it’s tune, justlikethat!


And he still had enough time

To chase despair

Back into its hole.


And that was just on Monday.




Tags: loneliness, despair, #creative, fried clams

I Want I'M TIRED to Die!

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 17, 2010

...I get just so far and then - STOP! I am knocked down and pummeled by society's neglect of its own, leaving those without protection to wither and die inside.

It's sick isn't it? How is such complacency possible? How is this allowed? Can no one think it possible to move toward someone in despair? But then again, the truth is how could I ever allow such truth to be recognized? This life is not for the weak. The weak are eaten by the strong.

Such sick and twisted behavior is not only tolerated but encouraged by America's dream to have everything. I am not even alive anymore! If I ... (more)

Tags: poetry, writing, despair

The Gravity Of Thoughts

By baynurse, published on Oct 18, 2010

A mere thought enters my open and wounded heart.

It begins to grow thicker and thicker,

Like a bacteria in a Petri dish, it grows and festers

Taking over the wound as it’s new home, its new acquisition,

Stolen, and conquered like barbaric warriors take over their spoils,

Like fierce ants that feed on a corpse

Till its hollowed shell crumbles and disintegrates into dust

Then is swept away by a brisk and cold wind.

I shout at God for help,

And then I beg for relief from this hunger, this burden of thoughts

That pounds me into... (more)

Tags: depression, thoughts, despair, sadness


By LiftingMeUp, published on Sep 14, 2010

In the dark rain In the stormy room In the back of my mind There you are Alone Tinier than pride Quieter than silence Obviously insignificant Obvious Waiting for me to realize You shine brighter than my despair


Tags: spirit, inner strength, self-worth, despair

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