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Celebrating America's Freedom: July 4th

By Coach Phatty, published on Jun 30, 2013 America came to pass. Today's story: The Birth of the Fourth of July.

Independence Day also known as 4th of July is the birthday of the United States of America. It is celebrated on July 4th each year in the United States. It is the anniversary of the day on which the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress - July 4, 1776.

This was the day that America announced to the world that the 13 colonies no longer belonged to Great Britain. The thirteen colonies were: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, New... (more)

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Dear Occupy Movement: Let's save what is best about us!

By People Power Granny, published on Oct 23, 2011

...have toward the way our government is currently run. It has become corrupted in many ways. But basically one can find much good in our government since, as Abraham Lincoln said, it is "... of, by and for the people."In addition we also honor the words of the signers of our own Declaration of Independence, ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness."Our government is us, folks. If we ditch all of our constitution and its amendments, our Declaration of Independence and other national historic documents that were used to form our democracy, we will still have to come up with some... (more)

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Monster Redux - Principles, Purposes and Politics

By Caballero_69, published on Mar 17, 2011

... we bullied, stole and bought a homeland We began the slaughter of the red man”

From the Crisis of Valley Forge in 1776 to the “World Turned Upside Down” of Yorktown in 1781. America, as we know it, emerged from the mind, not from the mist. Within the splendid prose of the Declaration of Independence lay the promise of a new kind of nation and a new kind of nationality. Americans were not all from a common homeland; they did not all have the same ancestral customs and traditions. They often spoke differing first languages. A shared set of ideas and ideals about what it meant to... (more)

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