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Why Not Today?

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 3, 2011

You are man within a real man…you are not an accident…you are not destined to suffer…you have avenues…you have options…Life is full of alternatives…Sing a song for yourself…I am not into sermons …I am talking to myself and isn’t this is your voice too…what we are harping for and why we are insisting to prove …nothing my friend…nothing…just for one day look into your gains and losses…Gains are much more, then say loudly that to hell with the loss…I need to move forward…No matter what may come remember the basic instinct of yours…you don’t want pains…you want happiness…you wish to be jubilant... (more)

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Decisions and Responsibility

By Rushgal, published on Jul 13, 2010

The outcome was going to be the same no matter what I did... in one respect. In another respect, the outcome was greatly influenced by my actions. You see, I saw the truth, and acted on it. But my actions put me in a predicament in which I felt the need to lie.

Where does one draw the line with respect to ethical conduct? I knew that loyalty to my superior in this situation was the same as looking away and doing nothing when another is in need. Could I live with myself had I not done what I thought was right?

Definitely not.

I suppose I should have been completely honest.... (more)

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Cleveland Burns as LeBron Joins Miami Heat

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Jul 9, 2010

They say nothing lasts forever. With that in mind, maybe Cavs fans, let alone the rest of the NBA should've seen this coming.

LeBron James' decision to not resign with his hometown Cavaliers and to join All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami for the 2010-11 season was expected after rumors swirled about James flying down to Miami to meet with Heat president Pat Riley before Thursday night's 1-hour ESPN special "The Decision." James posted on his @kingjames Twitter account "The Road to History begins now." shortly after he landed in South Beach last night.

As one end of... (more)

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