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A Matter of Time - glimpses of old Cochin

By iancochrane, published on Mar 1, 2013

I’m startled as the nurse draws the curtain behind me, the click of the rings on the rail loud in the quiet of the ward; the sweet smack of cough mixture wafts through the room. I turn away from Sally, my long-time neighbour having a tough time but recovering well. First it was her heart, then a fall; hence the hospital.

Hedley is the old-timer in the next bed. His eyes are half closed, his breathing laboured. He lay coughing as the nurse tucks in his sheets with a quick glance across the bed to Sally. The nurse’s look is sombre and Sally tugs at my shirt sleeve and whispers, nodding... (more)

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Forever in Neverland - modern day immortality.

By iancochrane, published on Feb 21, 2013

‘Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.’ - JM Barrie

There’s a large page-4 headline and a small picture. His face is olive-brown, tilted slightly towards me, the hand of a close friend across the back of his bare neck. In his early 20s, his eyes are coals with a certain spark; windows to the soul they say. His teeth are ivory white, his mouth wide open. I hear a cheer, a joyous yell. The foreground is blurred; the merriment of happy goings on, a bit of action. Good friends hamming it up. There’s a shock of dark windswept hair above a high... (more)

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The Ghost Dance - a father remembered.

By iancochrane, published on Feb 19, 2013

‘I have sent for you and I am glad to see you. I am going to talk to you after awhile about your relatives who are dead and gone.’ – Wovoka, Paiute Indian prophet – Walker Lake, Nevada, USA (1890)

From Pierre I catch the first available flight to Los Angeles, then home to find my father frail and tired beyond his years. He whispers something in a raspy voice. Leaning closer, I can’t make anything out. Tufts of grey hair sprout from his nose. There’s no follow-up sentence, and he drifts off into some morphine-laced dream.

That night I dream of a father I never really knew, and... (more)

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For Her The Bell Tolls

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 13, 2013

...bell tolls

As the day progress and noise increases

She comes and calms my nerves

For her the bell tolls

Seasons of life has withered her

But she resists the withering of others

She germinates hope

For her the bell tolls

The one who lives and the one who gives

I pray, I plead, when I die

Toll the bell for her who gave me seasons of life

Yes for her the bell tolls

The bell tolls for them who make other lives too?

Toll the bell for her, so in death, I smile and she lives

For her the bell tolls


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By Rahul, published on Dec 12, 2012

...of the youths in Kerala for quite some time, they pride themselves in doing it (more so when others see them too), so few school boys in front of the beverage shop buying liquor wouldn’t bring much shock to the so literate Keralites.

Liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, pain, agonizing death, what more misery could one want, it seems understanding is one thing but working for it is another. The truth is that everyone knows the health hazard of alcohol consumption and chain smoking; they know what ultimate price they have to pay for such a weakness but how many do avoid/quit its use ... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Dec 6, 2012

I have friends, a lot in fact, they were always nice to me, loved me and stood near me when ever needed, but I felt all alone and detached. A little did I know that I created a barrier between me and others, the one through which not even my parents could pass, the one which made me fall in love with loneliness. It felt like dark and cold inside, as if I am not needed in this world, as if I am dead. Four walls surrounded me, I can’t see beyond them, only darkness all around, they are closing in fast now; soon I won’t be able to move and there won’t be much air left for me to breath. All trapped... (more)

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How to Overcome Test Anxiety

By Ely North, published on Nov 28, 2012

...situation of proving how much they know? There’s no reason for it! To overcome your test anxiety, you just have to put the test in the proper perspective: you’re going to die.

That’s right. Someday your life will be over. Think about it.

When you’re laying on your deathbed, about to meet your maker, will you be worrying about some test you failed years ago? When your mortal body is gasping for its final breath, will your last earthly words be, “I wish I passed my Intro. to Sociology final”?

When your lifeless corpse is resting in a coffin, and... (more)

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Social Media and the Individual - Humans Design the Universe

By darinlhammond, published on Aug 15, 2012

...last pleasant images in my memory, I came home from college to find her weeding her beloved flowerbed of magnificent petunias in the front of our white, blue-trimmed, two-story home in Star, Idaho. That captures the woman she was, doesn't it? Bent over, working, creating meaning, moments before death.

I referred to her as "Mumsy" for a reason I do not recall, and I find that relating this story to a caring community, through writing and social media, heals me in a unique way. It also sickens me. But, creating meaning of her life through language, to an audience, sharpens my memories... (more)

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Eternal Souls

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 24, 2012

...beautiful in this that I could not stop studying it... allowing my mind to explore it's meaning...while doing so, the poet in me giving birth to this...I want to buy a print of love it...Eternal Souls When we are goneWill you still embrace my soulYou live within a place That death can not destroyA sacred ground of eternal truth Life and death are oneNeither having meaning alone In the silent knowledgeOf your hopes and dreams Lies eternity's blessings Standing naked entwined Between here and there In the river of silenceYou find your songReaching your destinyNo more to... (more)

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By wolfmomma, published on Jun 21, 2012

Tears fall, sliding down the cheek like small torrents of rain. Sadness, deep and wrenching...taking hold of the soul and holding it captive.Loneliness, profound and all encompassing...surrounding the life force in totality.Fear, looming behind the insecurity and haunts me.


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