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Superhero Comic to Feature Transwoman Character

By TonyBerkman, published on Apr 12, 2013

... characters in comic-books, including one's that would have married and gay facebook status updates, though before this month's Batgirl #19 there has never been a transexual character. Well as the lines between mainstream comic books and reality get narrowed and the violence seems to incrase, DC Comics has stepped up it's diversity quota by revealing that Batgirl's roommate is a transwoman, according to Wired.

Alysia Yeoh, Batgir's roomat, is also bisexual. Gail Simone who wrote the storyline says she decided to introduce the character when she realized how many of friends and... (more)

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Graphic Novel Review: DMZ – On the ground

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Feb 21, 2010

Brian Wood’s vision of a modern civil war in the United States takes shape in the form of DMZ, a DC comics Vertigo title that has received much acclaim. The story is set against a backdrop of division and ideological conflict that sees the USA as we know it split into two factions: The United States, consisting of the original federal government and the Free States, a movement intent on re-instigating the basic ideals of America. When the story starts the two forces have been in conflict for years and the USA is in tatters. The Free States were able to get a foothold in the heartland of... (more)

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