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A Moment To Remember

By Rahul, published on Nov 14, 2013 dear friend looked at me in surprise, my eyes were filled with tears, my brain numbed and my tongue tumbled like a choking engine to get a start,

“She called me”, I uttered finally in delight realizing that our love has acquired a pure, rare and eternal state, this is our platinum day of love.

It was only few minutes’ back when my phone rang, I grabbed it in a flash, it wasn’t the number that I was expecting but I pressed the green button involuntarily as my heart was pushing my body to its extreme.

“Hello” I said, the response from the other end was... (more)

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Eternal Love

By Aromal Mukundan, published on Mar 6, 2012

Never since i have seen himStill i am in loveNever been together we haveStill i am in loveI waited till it was eveBut soon had to leaveShe never came But i wont blameI waited till dawn And then was goneHe was seen no whereNot eve a single glareI know i will love herAs long as i liveFor i am the day And she is the night


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Forgive The Day

By Inmyredhead, published on Nov 19, 2011

This morning the alarm clock just whispered to me in my dreams. Softly calling to me through grey scale beams.

I did not stir. That this day already be over with, I did prefer.

The sun is black and I can not find the hope. I try my hardest to reach it, but I can not grasp the rope.

Earthbound I remain, drowning in this rain.

I just need a bright shiny gleam to light my way- but I suppose I must first forgive the day.

I just need to know a promise can be kept... tears of joy can be wept.

I need to smile ear to ear. I need to be bold and show no fear.

... (more)

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The International Day for Women

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Mar 8, 2010

This March 8, the world is celebrating the International Day for Women. We may wonder, why only women? The reasons are very numerous. For ages, women and girls have always been victims of human rights violence, discrimination and abuse in their own homes and in the society in general. This is often supported by some cultural values that give the big share to males.

In some homes for instance, women and girls do not enjoy their rights fully. They are considered servants and they are not given any special attention. Some African cultures, for instance still consider females second class... (more)

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