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Going Against The Odds

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 27, 2011

I live in Dallas and am a proud Texas native. So naturally, when fall rolls around I tend to glue my attention inside the TV set on Sunday afternoons in order to watch my beloved Dallas Cowboys. I know, they haven't exactly torn up the playoffs in over a decade and have had many organizational issues, but they're still my team and will be forever. Their recent win against the 49ers increased my hope of Super Bowl contention while watching the next to last play giving them their first victory of the season. It also showed the appearance of a come-from-nowhere upcoming athlete. Out of... (more)

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Washington Greenskins?

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 17, 2011

...Redskins a full 15 years after the rest of the league had integrated.

So here is my proposal, Mr. Snyder, if you want to bring back the fans who want to root for the team but cringe at the thought of the racist name and logo. Go Green. Huh? If you want to one-up your arch rivals -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, then out-green them. You see, not only do their team names not offend an entire part of the population (well, unless you are a cowboy or eagle I guess), but their stadiums -- Cowboys Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field -- are... (more)

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Of Boys and Men

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 26, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Giants G-Men on Monday night and while the outcome was what I expected, the reasons were totally different. Life changes at warp speed sometimes, and in sports it is most especially true.

The Cowboys had actually tried to make a game of it before halftime. They even led the game for a minute. And then, the Cowboys world was changed in seconds. Tony Romo was taken to the ground and landed on his left, non-throwing shoulder and it fractured his clavicle. That took an already shaky emotional team without a real leader and left them without a quarterback.... (more)

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