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Dalian Fortune Research Announce Opening

By dalianfortuneresearc, published on Oct 28, 2013

Dalian Fortune Research's brand new"International Client Desk" an extension of its existing overseas client desk, is now in service. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of international customers, high net-worth customers in particular,and will provide a comprehensive range of professional and premier financial Management services.

Featuring unique and contemporary design, the 'desk' offers a cosy and pleasant environment equipped with advanced trading technologies, including electronic access to data interchanges and state of the art communication for conducting transactions. These... (more)

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Dalian Fortune Research Announces Expansion Program

By dalianfortuneresearc, published on Sep 13, 2013

Dalian Fortune Research is expanding its role as a leading financial services advisor to overseas clients. The company is launching a host of new services aimed at targeting small to medium sized investors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Australia and New Zealand. The new services available will be specifically tailored to investors looking for overseas opportunities in diverse markets, including.

·On-line Account Services

·Mobile App Development for Droid, Windows and Apple

·International Transfer Facilities

·Advisory (Broker Assisted), Execution Only and Fully Managed... (more)

Tags: china,, dalian fortune research shenzhen

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