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More Reasons Why Companies are Choosing Serviced Offices

By chrisezine, published on Apr 9, 2014

...relative to relocation as the new office is not earning or is still in the initial stages of operation.

Build Local Business Confidence

Not only do serviced offices provide integrity of address, but having a physical office in local areas offer additional boost to business. Customers and clients are confident that they have an actual office and people to deal with when issues and concerns crop up in the future. A local office in a serviced office building complete with signage and markers is an additional advertisement for the company together with the products or... (more)

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The Golden Years for Launching a Startup

By chrisezine, published on Apr 1, 2014

...presenting opportunities to give retirees even more challenges and even more of a sense of purpose, starting a new business can provide the extra money needed to make retirement as comfortable as possible. It's also a great way to continue contributing to the economy and improve the lives of customers, clients, and employees.

How to create a start-up

Though a business can be incorporated quickly and easily, it makes sense to do research before starting a new business. Here is some advice for new business owners from The Globe and Mail.

— The Internet is a fantastic... (more)

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Create your corporate identity

By chrisezine, published on Mar 19, 2014

Every business or organization, regardless of its size or mission should create a corporate identity to define who it is and what it can do for customers, partners, vendors, and consumers.

When you create a corporate identity for your business, you differentiate it from every other business in your niche and industry and make it easier for people to recognize your brand from your communications.

A corporate identity makes it much easier to define your company’s mission, purpose, and values. A corporate identity, then, creates a consistent and memorable impression about your company.... (more)

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How brand history can grow your business success

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 15, 2010

...are not only loved but are well-known by the history of the product. One company proving this case is Mrs. Hanes' Moravian Cookies, dating back to the 1920s. The history or longevity of a product shows the product's ability to sustain the test of time and appreciation by generations of customers.

Though you may feature this information online, have you considered using your product's history as a marketing tool in your advertisement or public relations efforts?

Take the supermarket and restaurant industries. Think of the many grocery shoppers who spend time... (more)

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