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The Good Guys Don’t Wear Badges (Part 2)

By DKIdea, published on May 6, 2014

...a regular viewer of You Tube. It makes you wonder if there are any police officers left that don’t feel they have a sense of entitlement attached to their position.

Not to pick on the state of Oklahoma (but I’m going to), but it seems they are a shining example of what police culture has become. The case of Pearl Pearson has the word “allegedly” attached to it, since the dash camera footage hasn’t been made available to the public, but given what other footage of other officers are doing in that state, the credibility of his case is not a stretch.

The short... (more)

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The Brown's

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

Charlie had guessed from the very beginning that there was something odd about the Brown family. The Browns’ had moved into the village four months ago with their two girl children and no one knew their real names except to be called “ The Brown’s” because it was written on their post box.

Charlie, Sam and Joey were present to witness the moving in of their new neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were both about five feet four inches in height but their weight we could not tell because the Brown’s wore long robes and each one had their head tied. Mr. Brown had a brown complexion, round... (more)

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Is this really the new definition of friendship?

By Annabelle Charbit, published on Oct 7, 2012

I grew up in a world where you supported your friends no matter what, and the only grounds for dumping a friend was if they were unpleasant directly to YOU.

Nowadays, it seems the rules of friendship have changed. You can be friends with someone for years, yet God help you if you make a bad personal decision that has absolutely no impact on them at all. Because you are liable to be judged and then dumped! I have been dumped by a friend who disapproved of my high chocolate diet, deemed too selfish by another who disagreed with my point of view in an argument with my husband. Yet another... (more)

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Ex-Gay Controversy: You Don't Need Permission to Change

By Thom Hunter, published on Jul 24, 2012

... yes or no with conviction, it is my conviction that we need to set aside the great debates and focus on the wandering, saddened and wary soul in search of change.But that's how I am.Simple-minded.Like a little mouse that once was. But changed. And is changing still.In Him,Thom(Note: If you click this link -- BridgeBack Ministries -- you can purchase both of my books dealing with sexual brokenness and homosexuality for the price of one. Save 50% and receive Surviving Sexual Brokenness: What Grace Can Do and "Who Told You You Were Naked?" The Counterfeit Compassion of Culture for only $14.)


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Just Say Noh! Nightlife in Yokohama

By Steve Gillick, published on Jul 13, 2012

... impressive, tasty, fascinating, educational, energetic, and just plain fun!The first night was an introduction to Yokohama where we could sign up for either an evening of food and hands-on creativity at the Cup of Noodle factory, or take the Izakaya bar cruising option. I happen to love Izakaya culture which involves traditional small, usually family-owned bars, that serve tasty snacks or meals, along with one’s beverage of choice: beer, sake or shochu.Nogeh Street is the main thoroughfare in an area filled with literally hundreds of Izakayas, restaurants, standing sake bars and regular... (more)

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Get Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

By Anastasia , published on Jun 19, 2012

OK, then; you’ve covered every contingency for the coming zombie apocalypse. You have a good supply of food and water stored away. You have your armoury all prepared; a shotgun or several and perhaps a collection of power tools and other useful implements. You are an island; you are Legend. Stop; think again; this is not the best way to save yourself or humanity from the contagion!

If you are taking this threat seriously – and who does not? – you really should have been in the town of Cheltenham in the west of England last week to hear Doctor Austin, a Theoretical Zombiologist (yes,... (more)

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Sensual City

By Anastasia , published on Jun 12, 2012 a medieval Byzantine style, dominated by the central figure of Christ. This is the Last Judgement, with a fearsome demon consuming the damned. The place is busy but try, if you can, to lie on your back looking up, even only for a moment or two.

Of course it wasn’t all art and culture. We picnicked in the park. We dined by starlight. There is a wonderful restaurant not far from the Ponte Vecchio where I had wild boar served with polenta, soft and succulent, complemented by some local wine. Alas, all dreams end. We flew back yesterday afternoon from Pisa, back to grey... (more)

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Dimensions of Fashion

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 12, 2012

...or disturb the impressionable creations. There may be change in material but the core essence of fashion remained the same and that’s to dress up the body, to reflect the mind.

With mass exodus of population in the ancient times for greener pastures facilitated a fusion between varied cultures and races. The amalgamation of style, color, texture and fabric created a new breed of designers and they nurtured a style, to carve the demarcation of gender, hierarchy, royalty, clergy, rich, poor, peasant, artisans, newly married and many more. They drew lines and defined attires, they... (more)

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Firewall to a Farewell

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 29, 2012

It should have been an ongoing no go, a seafaring from afar, lasers adrift with one passive eye at the watch, the other barely containing her furions, the most furious of ions.

Her impersonal inferred, infrared photon network continues to shine a light on known knowledge in breathtaking breakthroughs. She grows a leaner, cleaner hunger for far places, the ones that remain as nameless bounty, uncharted beauty.

She is surprised by her laser, to a certain point, as she comes upon an image of memory.

Is it an invention? An old war field? An arrangement of a bout between …what?... (more)

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Angels of Entanglement

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 20, 2012

... twisting and bungling of neuroscience for bright futures with theHumans on playgrounds?

Her scout laser sets afire the haunted shields of biology-physics in theJungle--lost links between Schrodinger and Darwin, where the historical and the scientific mimic each other.

She codes a [culture anonymous technology="cat"] for curiosity.

Does harmony exist or, is it a simple singularity of lore such as tributary Indians once dealt with on the deltas. With her level of whistle and technology, she surely should rise up to care, right?

She dons the honor of the exemplary,... (more)

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