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Dealing with Criticism

By Ely North, published on Feb 4, 2013

...I only want my co-workers to like me, respect my intelligence, and acknowledge that I’m right. This doesn’t always happen, though. Often some dim-witted colleagues will inexplicably criticize my ideas or disagree with my recommendations. On an intellectual level, I know that criticism and disagreement are natural, healthy, and helpful. Yet when I’m confronted with conflict I get indignant, defensive, angry, and violent. I can’t believe that people would dare to disagree with me – I want to yell at them and punch them in the nose, fill their mouths with their... (more)

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11 Things Observed In The Betrayal Of My Friend

By D. Sager, published on Jan 7, 2013

... soul knows the feeling that something is wrong, I must pay attention to the physical interactions of my friends. Don't ignore the little things. The friend will never have a bad thing to say to my face. I know that I am not perfect so if my friend is always eager to give praise and never criticism, it offers a cover for subterfuge. The friend will use my resources with abandon. Having no concern over the economy of my money and supplies they will waste and spend without thought. Strategic placement of needs. It seems the friend is always short on resources every time I'm... (more)

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What the *&?**$?#? to do about conflict?

By TonyBerkman, published on Jul 31, 2010

Conflict at work, at home, caused by differences of opinion is an inevitable part of lives. Each of us has a different way of managing conflicts. In business conflicts are an important part of creativity, solving problems and overall business growth. It could be said that the same applies to our personal relationships.

At an intellectual level it’s easy to see why differences of opinion can lead to great harms or benefits. The majority of people would prefer the latter. Yet, when conflicts arise the latter, typically does not occur Most people rely on the built “fight or flight”... (more)

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