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Whose invasion is just?

By Shane Joseph, published on Mar 30, 2014

There is brouhaha in the media these days about the Russian invasion of the Crimea and the subsequent referendum in that territory. Western governments call the invasion unjust, and the subsequent referendum invalid; Putin is labelled a blackguard - a throwback to Hitler, they say. By whose standards are these incursions into sovereign territories judged? By whose standards are referendums that are put together with obscure questions that deliver confused answers considered just?

I’m going to flip the coin to other “invasions”; Iraq by the USA and its allies on the hunt for mythical... (more)

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England to send Britain to War in Russian/Ukraine conflict

By Shaun Gibson, published on Mar 20, 2014

... go ahead. British officials said they had yet to decide the UK’s level of participation in Ukraine but confirmed planning for Rapid Trident 2014 in Lviv, near the Polish border, was ongoing. The US has already sent 12 warplanes and 300 personnel to Poland in the wake of Russia’s takeover of Crimea. On Tuesday, vice president Joe Biden reassured Poland and the Baltic states that the US would protect them from any Russian aggression similar to what occurred in Crimea.A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: “Rapid Trident is a well-established annual US/Ukraine multinational exercise,... (more)

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150,000 Russian troops on alert as US warns Putin – WWIII?

By Shaun Gibson, published on Feb 28, 2014

... see the irony? THIS IS WWIII Territory here, I am scared.... Ukraine is now (sadly) a battle between East and West.

Vladimir Putin puts troops in western Russia on alert and orders drill to test combat readiness Protesters are involved in a confrontation outside the regional city in the Crimean capital of Simferopol New Ukraine authorities due to unveil cabinet after disbanding Berkut riot police Russian foreign minister condemns "rise of fascism" in western Ukraine William Hague and John Kerry say Ukraine must not be a battleground between East and West

Ukraine revolution:... (more)

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