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Are Store Cards Still Worth Having in Your Wallet?

By Lindsay Edwards, published on Mar 30, 2014

As people are trying to minimise the amount of debt they have in the wake of the recession, the retail credit card industry has been forced to change. It is usually the first thing that people pay off and get rid of, and with good reason: store credit cards often have eyewateringly high interest rates and the late fee penalties that would make you want to cry.

With all this in mind, the average consumer may wonder whether opening or carrying a retail store card is worth it at all. Well, the answer is different for everyone; however, there are a few criteria that you can take into account.

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The Credit Score Scam

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013

Credit cards and the companies behind them have hoodwinked the public into believing they are more important than they really are....and doing so at unbelievable profits. It’s gotten to the point that everything is hooked into your credit score. Soon, buying the simplicities of food and clothing will depend on your credit score. I’m exaggerating, but I really won’t be surprised if this becomes true soon.

A credit score is a snapshot of the risk you pose to a lender should they decide to lend to you. Now, the very fact that if you live without having to borrow from anyone and pay all... (more)

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Americans Need To Adjust Their Debt Perspective

By MGerman, published on Sep 26, 2011

...card debt is actually on the decline, as revealed by numbers released by the Federal Reserve. Nationwide the current amount of credit card debt is $792 billion, down from $972 billion in 2008. This indicates a decline of 18%.

This seems to mean that although consumers are using their credit cards, they are defaulting on their payments less now than in the past, making the effort to get their monthly payments into card issuers on time.

However, should current trends continue unaltered, consumers in the United States alone are forecast to accumulate $54 billion more debt than in ... (more)

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Credit Card Processing with the iPhone

By sandrawaldorf, published on Jul 28, 2010

... only use apps that accept credit card numbers entered by hand, but merchants usually pay higher fees for these so-called “card not present” transactions, which are more vulnerable to fraud. Is this going to be a boost in sales for the credit card providers? Will more people now apply for credit cards as the use for them increases with innovations like these?

Each of the three manufacturers is marketing their products differently. VeriFone, for example charges its PAYware swiper owners a one-time, $49 fee, plus $15 per month over a 2-year service agreement, and the merchants also... (more)

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Using a Credit Card Can Actually Save You Money

By sandrawaldorf, published on Jun 16, 2010

I had always been of the opinion that people with more than two credit cards were foolish and must be deep in debt. Brought up to think that if it was a 'want' rather than a 'need', you should save up for it!

As the years passed me by, I was fine without the need to have a credit card or store card for that matter. Then the day came when I started thinking about buying a house. There was no way in this world I would be able to save up that much money in order to be able to pay for a house without a loan. I would need some kind of credit, and this is when I got the shock of my life.

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Credit Profiling: Just Another Way Of Being Watched

By Michelle Yang, published on Jul 21, 2009

...has gotten so intricate with their models, which examines your past actions and what makes you tick, that they can almost predict where you’re going to take your next vacation and what amenities you will include on that vacation. 

Top 10 Purchases That Should Not Be Charged On Credit Cards:

Traffic Tickets – People who have charged traffic tickets have defaulted on their cards.

Retreading Tires – Looks desperate like you can’t afford new tires – credit card companies don’t like desperation.

Bargain Binges – If you haven’t used your credit... (more)

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Sorry America, Your Card Is Declined

By travelingseth, published on Jul 19, 2008

... I frequent here in the Mission (the ones really feeling the pinch of the escalating credit card fees), hand them a credit card and they act like you’re plopping a steaming pile of dung on the counter.

Credit is blocked at every turn. A surprising number of places simply don’t take credit cards (like ALL the good dive bars). And the ones that do all have minimum fees that seem to go up every day ($20 at bars, $10 at convenience stores, $5 at coffee shops). The rule, it seems, is that the limit be just more than I want to spend. Order a two dollar coffee and I have to sit there... (more)

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