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The Joy Of Taking A Trip To The Park

By Cherry4, published on Oct 23, 2012

The joys of making a trip to the park.

There are dome creepy looking people and some that look pleasant.

Families playing ball with their kids, couples having picnics or just holding hands while they stroll along, some taking rides in carriages, squirrels jumping around and who knew birds eat ice cream?

I had the honor of sharing my cone with one bird and apparently he went, told the others and an army came down next to me.

As for that squirrel, he used me for the nuts on the ice cream, then as soon as he got them all he ran away:)

Then there are the dog walkers:... (more)

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Phillip had put his foot in his mouth again

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

Phillip worked at BP Amoco for the past seven years as an Assistant Manager, was very good at his job and loved by all except everyone knew that when Phillip got drunk he would reveal all secrets about everyone who confided in him and so everyone learned to be discreet when Phillip was around.

Phillip was intelligent as well as very handsome. He was six feet tall, muscular, yellow skinned with brown curly hair, small, green eyes, a narrow nose and small, full, pinkish lips. He spoke with a British accent; the words were clear and his voice soft.

All the young ladies at the office... (more)

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The Brown's

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

Charlie had guessed from the very beginning that there was something odd about the Brown family. The Browns’ had moved into the village four months ago with their two girl children and no one knew their real names except to be called “ The Brown’s” because it was written on their post box.

Charlie, Sam and Joey were present to witness the moving in of their new neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were both about five feet four inches in height but their weight we could not tell because the Brown’s wore long robes and each one had their head tied. Mr. Brown had a brown complexion, round... (more)

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Dark seed

By LaurenK, published on Dec 14, 2011

They say there’s a seed buried eastward

Beneath the hills,

Hidden under dirt and snow

Dark, the seed that shall not grow

Truth written in the DNA

Of the thing that may decay

Will this seed bear fruit or weed?

Westward eyes prey to find

Answers frozen in a season of reason

One cannot retrieve

Without the seed of the East

On the river’s shore

The ebb and flow

Through the days and night

Might offer this frosted seed life

And light?

Nay darkness

Dark seed breathes

In heart... (more)

Tags: poetry, growth, truth, creative, seed, self-denial

Creation? Seven Days? Really? You’re kidding, right?

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Nov 14, 2011

People who believe in such things tell us that some desert-dwelling, heavily bearded God created us – all of us. Maybe not “them,” possibly, but clearly, US! First the mythic Adam, and then right up to everyone alive on the planet today. We will leave out all the people who are dead on the planet today – solves a number of statistical issues so, well, let’s move on. And most such people – those who believe in such “things” – also seem to believe this happened somewhat recently, as in, Adam and Eve palled around with the dinosaurs. But that’s not the issue; the issue is, that whole creation... (more)

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The Pink Line

By LaurenK, published on Oct 27, 2011

I stare at the first pink line and wait.

One, two thr– oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god. A hand – the one attached to my arm, is shaking uncontrollably.

I’m only 19! I squeal.

It wasn’t my fault and

It broke and

I took the pill and

I followed all instructions and

I’m studying and

I don’t have a job and

I don’t have a home and

I have no money…and…and

I’m scared.

I close my eyes and hope this will appease the god I don’t believe in to take pity on me and stop the horror emerging in the little box. I peak through... (more)

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Kobi Levi Shoes: Fashion Meets Art

By Felicia Stevenson, published on Oct 19, 2011

His designs are shoe sculptures, and they are from another world, original, humurous and wonderfully imaginative.

Levi tells us that each design can take about a month to complete, and that prefers quality over quantity, no doubt the secret of his success.

His unique shoe designs, like the "Coffee time" shoe, have certainly made a "splash" in the fashion world. (hahaha)

Apparently, Lady Gaga has purchased pieces from Levi's collection, which doesn't surprise me at all, since she the first person who came to mind when I saw them!

I've always had a bit of a shoe fetish,... (more)

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Writing in Tongues

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Dec 23, 2009

... the turn of hem, for all things are of import in this matter.

Yeah, you gotta get to know the guy, but big style. Every little bit of him, what he eats, where he drinks, even things he don't know about himself. It's the only way to grab his voice. Sure you can imagine, you're some kinda creative writer, aintcha? Can't expect you to behave like no newshound and just tell what you see, but you gotta start with what you got. And what you got is a real live breathing human being, I hope, less he's a corpse, and you gotta watch out for his foibles. Foibles is important, cause they's what... (more)

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