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Painted Picture

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 7, 2013

Today I paint a picture Longings on a canvas My lips leaving their colors My hands their caress... Woven on this masterpiece The warmth of your sweet skin Only just beginning Never wanting it to end... With each stroke sweet emotion Leaving us wanting more Tell me what is hidden Behind this open door... Exploring sweet surrender Lost in this embrace The portrait of fascination Written on our face... Our hearts fill with desire I see it in your eyes Motivating us both higher Who knew we could fly... A portrait painted freely Each movement meant to be Etched into a snapshot Everlasting... (more)

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Revision – Author’s friend or foe?

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 31, 2012 negotiable, and (iii) what you think is the subjective reasoning of someone who has lived a dull life.3) Work on (i) first. This is something that you suspected was wrong with your work all along—that little ant in the pants—but glossed over in your enthusiasm to show off your latest creation to the world. Well, that ant wiggled itself into a pretty sensitive spot in your pants while you were out bragging and finally it BIT! I find this type of feedback the best and the type we should thank the feedback provider for, for bringing us down to earth and disengaging us from our lofty... (more)

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They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 28, 2012

The pretensions of many is not the truth and we instinctively feel that; in spite of this, we shut our expression by masking the denial and this in turn puts the seal of approval. You know what happened there after, when masses accept this; it creates a world, in which truth becomes the first casualty. The articulated world of denial acquires the centrality. It unleashes rejection, brings disillusionment and negates permanence of sane thoughts. The appearances of life in lesser creative mode cease to expand beyond the world of restricted outlook. In the dominance of satanic forces world cry.

... (more)

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Creation? Seven Days? Really? You’re kidding, right?

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Nov 14, 2011

... solves a number of statistical issues so, well, let’s move on. And most such people – those who believe in such “things” – also seem to believe this happened somewhat recently, as in, Adam and Eve palled around with the dinosaurs. But that’s not the issue; the issue is, that whole creation thing.

Let’s take it at face value for a moment, for the sake of argument, of which there has been plenty on this topic already, I know, but let’s all admit we’re just a wee bit masochistic about such discussions, and dive right in, OK? And let’s not get too Jesuit about this,... (more)

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What is Creation All About?

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 11, 2011

What is creation about?Why are we here?Questions, Questions, more Questions.

The answer is: The ChildrenYes, the children.It is a seed, beginning of a flower.IIt is the kitten, learning to walk and suckle.

Yes, the children. It is the children.I see them growing and wonder about tomorrow.I see the pain from mistakes of leaving home And remember mine.I see the love and want to give them all I have.

Yes, all the children.I see their pain and I want to hold them close, But I know they must learn.I see their choices and I feel prideWhen they are doing their very best.

... (more)

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