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Crazy Freedom

By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 18, 2013

...circular thinking. Some of the best thinking is circular thinking. In fact, I love sending others quotes and thoughts about the very feminine experience of (kind-of) ending up where we began ... but being different for having circled around an idea and made it our own. Men would call this crazy thinking; I call it intuitive, creative and right-brained. People look at me, their eyebrows shoot up, their mouths drop open and they sputter,

”YOU had 9 children??"

This is because I am 5’ 1” and weigh 104 lbs. I was pregnant or nursing for 17 years without a break. I ... (more)

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Personality Disorder or Human Emotion?

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Jun 5, 2012

I have always been someone who analyzes everything, the smallest details never escape my thoughts and i always thought that t was my BIGGEST flaw. Come to think of it, i thought it was something close to my DOOM – perhaps that it would even be my ultimate undoing. Boy was i wrong! I admit, the things i think of and the solutions i bestow upon myself and others, are a bit out there. Needless to say… I’m not normal! As a matter of fact, shit… I am insane!!!

Now i can hear my closest friends/relatives/followers agreeing with me – and i like it. Never really intended to be different nor... (more)

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The Fall - The abyss calls my name

By D. Sager, published on Mar 17, 2012 it hell. I prefer a nomenclature of a different sort, abyss. I keep falling, there is no bottom, no end. I throw up ropes hoping they catch on ledges of sanity as I slip past in a free fall. There is no reason, no understanding of this mystery, and still I fall. Controlling my fall is a crazy act of futility. I spin, float, and turn. Why? When I see her, my soul feels the wind of my descent. This is a good thing? I stood on the solid ground once. I don't recall being happy in that place. Spinning out of control, I find contentment in the fact that I will hit bottom one day. This... (more)

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All In - Reasons why I bet it all

By D. Sager, published on Feb 9, 2012

... on a bet that you believe is a total loss. Let me tell you why I place all my chips on this roll of the dice... I see the beauty overlooked by hasty and careless lovers I see the hope in her intelligence, which she hid because she was told to be seen and not heard I see the potential in her crazy wild rebellion, it chases the common fools away I see the wonder in mischievous eyes, her wildness never tamed I see the strength born from the violent men she has endured and survived I see the determination to never give up, though the world laughs at her struggle I see the passion... (more)

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