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Slow Traveller

By TonyBerkman, published on May 23, 2013

...away from the type of vacation that I enjoyed.

Last year, after some dramatic changes in my life, I needed to get away from work and the city and go to a place that was “out of the way” where things were calmer, the ocean was close by and that I could afford for a few months. Costa Rica had always been a dream destination of mine. I was intrigued by the beauty of the country and that it has been named the happiest place on earth.

The combination of natural beauty and friendly people were all the reasons I need to make a decision. It took me 20 minutes of searching... (more)

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Travel is Education

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 9, 2013

...methods such as kidnapping and terrorism now extend to tourists as well. Even Mother Nature has been angry, unleashing temperamental outbursts at the most inconvenient times: I escaped the tsunami in Japan in 2011 by a couple of weeks, and was rocked and rolled by an earthquake in Costa Rica last year, then stranded due to a flood in Nicaragua on that same trip.

But I continue my pursuit, and to stretch my goals, I have just completed a novel set in Cape Town, circa 1794. Even though I used my trusty online tools to the maximum once again, visited the reference library... (more)

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Pura Vida

By blackbirdwurd, published on Oct 24, 2011

In the last hour of my last day in Costa Rica, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. In less than two hours time, a taxi would arrive to transport me and my girlfriends to a prop plane, which would deliver us to the flight that would be the epilogue to our pura vida; an epilogue that would, most certainly, be punctuated with ellipses. Before that taxi arrived, I still had to pack up my short-lived Costa Rican existence and attend to the business of sprinkling my dad’s ashes in a part of the Pacific that his swimming trunks had never absorbed. I couldn’t get to it yet, because I was trapped.

... (more)

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