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French Myth Unmasked

By brabant, published on Oct 14, 2013

You've all, I imagine, seen the newsclips showing the French unions demonstrating their disapproval of government action by taking to the streets...but look behind the image and you'll find a disturbing reality.

In the post war political settlement of France, the social actors were defined as government, bosses and unions and these were accordingly represented on the bodies dealing with social policy....notably health, social security and pensions.

The unions, which grew from the struggle for decent conditions for workers, became accustomed to the exercise of power....and accustomed... (more)

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Sleight of Mind

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013

... is just pure fallacy as a reasonable retort. Such a position reeks of an attitude of haterism...not being able to cope with the fact that others can do, what you cannot. It’s a virus that is infecting society...and fueled by nonsensical articles designed to sleight the mind.

Is there corruption in government? Certainly, there is corruption everywhere there are people as, inevitably, someone will do something they shouldn’t do. It’s human nature, like eating that bowl of ice cream when you know you’re on a diet. Do I need to seek it out to the point of barking up trees that... (more)

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Teens R Us - Foster Children for Sale

By joshuaallen, published on Jun 4, 2013

...foster homes will be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb. The homes will be checked and rechecked.

And foster children who may have wished to remain in those homes will have been transferred, on the off chance there was something the County missed, while overlooking years of apparent corruption.

Some children who may have been in Teens homes for years will be forced to relocate to a different foster home, many miles away. These children will have no recourse to return to foster parents they have come to know, and love. It will all depend on the County Social Workers... (more)

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Teens Happy Homes: Contract Discussed behind closed Doors:

By joshuaallen, published on May 2, 2013

Teens Happy Homes: Contract discussed behind closed doors: Which Agency is Next?

The Business of Child Abuse:

By Joshua Allen

We have been writing about Teens Happy Homes, and other agencies of concern for over 3 years. For 3 years we warned the county, and anyone else who would listen, that the system of audits in place are inadequate, and so weak, as to encourage malfeasance. Children’s welfare suffers when there is malfeasance. How can it be otherwise?

Foster Care Agencies have a Board of Directors. This Board is supposed to be supervising, and monitoring,... (more)

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Teens Happy Homes: The Not so Mighty are Falling

By joshuaallen, published on Apr 29, 2013

Teens Happy Homes: The Not so Mighty are Falling:

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Big trouble for Teens Happy Homes. That’s the gist of the article by Times reporter Garett Therolf. You can find the article here Here:,0,5525799.htmlstory

We once again learn what we already knew:

Teens, is not the sort of place best suited to helping abused and neglected children.Sadly, the same cast of characters shows up time, and time again, at these places. Their names are no... (more)

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Big Government Foster Care: If I Wanted Foster Care to Fail

By joshuaallen, published on Sep 28, 2012

Big Government Foster Care: If I Wanted Foster Care to Fail.

The Politics of Child AbuseBy Joshua Allen

I saw a viral video awhile back. The video has several million hits by now. You can see the video here were inspired a bit, and borrowed the format to our focus on Child Abuse and Foster Care issues. So with credit and due appropriately proffered, here is our take.

If I Wanted Foster Care to Fail:

I would create an “Academy,” where new County Social Worker (CSW) applicants train, before working with abused and neglected... (more)

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University Seminars - Are they for tasting a variety of food items?

By dchaitanya, published on Aug 14, 2012

When we go to the University work-shops or Seminars there we would certainly find tea-break with snacks and lunch break with variety of food items that we often do not savour in our every day meals. So, whenever a Seminar or work-shop invitation is sent to University intellectuals and Scholors they would first search wheather there is lunch-break in the programme, or not. If it is found, then their busy academic or administrative schedules would get automatically changed and they deliberately make it convenient to attend the programme by skipping all important official works and duties.

... (more)

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Have you got money in your roof? Well I don't!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 6, 2012

GDP.....How the economy of all countries is affected by the black market.

Within Australia we have allegedly a $12 billion a year black market which affects our economy and trading with other countries.

Much of the drug users and drug dealers allegedly are being supported for a habit on the unemployment and sickness benefits. Some allegedly single mothers working within the sex industry allegedly will be dealing drugs and making money.

Does it sound right? VICE, Take Your Vice Over is the new slogan we will hear, yet it has been around for a while where illegal activity... (more)

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Free Phuong Ngo from Prison in Australia, it could be you!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 31, 2012

...I have been involved with more than 13 Court Cases in all types of Courts within NSW. I am a Justice of the Peace since 1985 and currently hold this position in NSW. I have worked with Parliamentarians before to change laws, to modify laws to help with the general public and alleged corruption.

I have been working on Court information and intelligence regarding Outlaw Gangs for the past three years, relating to Kings Cross and distribution of the drug network that has existed prior to 1974 with links to Outlaw Gangs. Allegedly giving information to the Police and Members of ... (more)

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By dchaitanya, published on Jun 15, 2012

Long back Robert E. Lane and David O. Sears Professors of Political Psychology said that “a man who believes and behaves rationally is open to new information, no matter whether it confronts or pains him. This means that he must actively seek information which is pertinent to the issues of the day, and it means that he must not seek only that which is compatible with his own prejudices. The Rationale person then attempts to formulate an opinion on the basis of the best information available subjective primarily on the basis of reliabililty and relevance. A rational man can perceive without... (more)

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