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Who Do You Trust?

By DKIdea, published on May 12, 2014

...maybe I could take it seriously. But when food and drug company execs are put in charge of it and FDA higher ups go to work for the companies they regulate after they retire…it just strains credibility to believe they’re thinking of me when they make decisions about my health.

Corporations care about you. If I write it again, will you believe it then? Did you believe it the first time I wrote it? Think for a moment, people go to jail if they fail to make money for the shareholders. Do you really think they’re going to do time just to keep you healthy? I’m flabbergasted... (more)

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The Ryan Budget, Or The Plan To Make Atlas Shrug

By Humble Opinion, published on May 21, 2012

...turns around and gives the top one per cent an additional $265,000 tax cut on top of the already insane Bush tax cuts. He pays for these tax cuts for the wealthy by raising taxes on the poor and the middle class. And slipped into the very fine print of this insidious plan is a loophole for corporations to ship more money to offshore banks in order to avoid paying taxes. He does this by repealing the repatriation tax on profits by earned overseas by U.S. corporations, giving them an incentive to outsource more jobs in order to make more overseas profits. All of this is expected to add at... (more)

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I must be the world’s worst target for advertizing

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 29, 2012

...“buy.” The buy decision is now shaped by not just advertizing, but by user experiences shared via social media, and by the skimpy money supply available to the younger generation living from one paycheque to the next. And as we globalize, that supply is becoming skimpier.

I think corporations need to recognize advertizing’s present overreach. They need to ramp back and become more integrated into the myriad of influences that lead to a purchase. The mere fact that multiple internet businesses have advertizing as their main revenue stream does not empower advertizing to intrude... (more)

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Verizon Blows, er, Sucks The Money Out of Your Pocket

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 30, 2011

...You start boycotting every corporation that finds another fee to charge and pretty soon, you'll be stuck with little Mom-and-Pop businesses to meet your needs, things like Credit Unions (you can tell by their names they are Socialist businesses) and then where would you be? You'd have no Corporations to keep things cheap. And no, it doesn't count to include the ever-increasing fees into the cost of goods sold - they are completely separate things. Really, people, you've been doing far too much thinking for yourselves.

Let us do it for you. At a mere $3 per month (fixed-term... (more)

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Hundreds Of Thousands Sign Boycott Petition Against Target

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 20, 2010

With just a video posting on Youtube, the progressive organization called has garnered almost three hundred thousand signatures from people all across the country angry at Target's recent political donations to a gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota who has openly opposed gay marriage and workers unions. The video itself has already been seen by over half a million people.

Meanwhile, has also taken out a television commercial against the retail giant, which has aired on CBS, NBC, and ABC. Cable news outlet MSNBC refused to air the ad saying that it violated their... (more)

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Politicians Are Paid To Represent All Citizens

By Speedbump, published on Aug 30, 2009

...and conflict are inextricably bound together. Over the years, it produced what the human species is today – among others, intensely social, robust, passionate in their love-making, murderous, convivial, organizing, technology-using, show-off, squabbling, game-playing, friendly, status-seeking, upright-walking, lying, omnivorous, vengeful, knowledge-seeking, arguing, clubby, language-using, conspicuously wasteful, and infinitely versatile.

It's about us not the politicians or the corporations! Politicians are paid to represent all the citizens not corporations.


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