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Male Disposability And Marginalization

By Credo, published on Nov 17, 2013

Marginalization means that one group of people are denied things that others are allowed, treated as insignificant.

When we talk about male verses female privilege, and the examination of those various denials, this should lead us in the direction of understanding just who in our society is being marginalized and disposed of like old inoperable appliances, and who really has privilege in society.


Like not getting taken seriously when crying rape?

Like not being protected by the law when they become victims of violence by another... (more)

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Why the West is in Decline

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 23, 2013

...the bills. Bottom line: affluent societies procreate increasingly self-indulgent citizens who are unable or unwilling to regenerate themselves. Even Ancient Rome ultimately fell when citizens were more interested in feasting while barbarians lurked outside the gate.

Surrender to the Corporation: by empowering corporations with the same rights as citizens, we have created entities with huge amounts of citizen wealth (i.e. shareholder funds) that can be moved to where the best production deals are with no respect for national borders or needs. So we outsource jobs to cheaper locales, ... (more)

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