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Where Can You Find The Best Small Town Geocaching

By Dane Morgan, published on Jul 26, 2013

Geocaching has come a long way since the 3rd of may, 2000, when Dave Ulmer went out and placed the first 'stash' as a way to celebrate and explore the new higher accuracy rates the government allowed from the sattellites on May 2nd that year.

This 'stash' was the first of what would come to be known as Geocaches, spawning a hobby actively enjoyed by more than five million participants world wide. In a short thirteen years the technology, techniques and sheer inventiveness involved in geocaching has exploded.

On the 28th of feburary, 2013 the two millionth listed... (more)

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By Rahul, published on Mar 11, 2013

When I saw a contest in indiblogger about ‘Love marriage or Arranged marriage’ I decided to write on marriage. Before I begin I need to tell you whether I am married or not, I am single and am not thinking about marriage until I reach 26. This being the situation it will be totally inappropriate and unconvincing If I criticize or even say something about both love and arranged marriages. I may be able to say few goods and flaws of both type of marriages based on others experience –mainly my relatives and friends- but instead of that I wish to share the four fundamental principles of married... (more)

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