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Seeking Soul Mate

By Lumiere, published on Feb 4, 2010

...that exist and cannot be so easily explained. There are also relationships which reach beyond our limited societal preconceived notions of what we believe a realtionship is defined to be. Soul mates are also not limited by our romantic human definitions. Soul mates and people with powerful connections to us in our lives, 'raise the bar' for us spiritually. They become our teachers and guides, although not always so easily recognized. Through our relationships with these soul mates we evolve to become the best versions of ourselves by being challenged not only by the lessons life presents... (more)

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Broowaha Connections. In The Flesh

By travelingseth, published on Jan 21, 2009

One of the best things about Broowaha—aside from it giving you more hits than your blog—is that it’s got enough clout to get you on Google.  And make it to the top of a somewhat common search, and interesting things can happen.  My last article, The Unspoken Rules Of Group Conversation: Learn Them Or Bore, was a fun example.While checking hits on the article, I noticed it’d been linked (my favorite Broo feature).  The link turned out to be from a NYC Craigslist post. Wha?  The post turned out to be from ‘The Brooklyn Conversational Soiree’, a group trying to organize in-person group conversations... (more)

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