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Unblocked Games Online

By Timmy C. Blazer, published on May 3, 2014

At school and public libraries all over town, the internet connection or the computers are designed to sort games that are often accessed. This limits the function of the computer to purposes of education, research and related activities. However, there are clever methods that you can implement to unblock your favorite game sites both on game sites and on Facebook to make them accessible. The sad truth about this is, at times they will not last long or they can take up a lot of time. Plus, it’s never pleasant when someone finds out and reports you! Here is a site full of unblocked games at... (more)

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Warning, you have been visiting illegal websites

By Anastasia , published on Jun 26, 2012

My last Letter from Ana was an amusing reflection on a putative zombie apocalypse. Now I want to warn people about a genuine contagion, a potential threat to all computer users. I can speak personally about this because it hit me last week, causing an hour or two of anxiety. My remarks are specifically addressed to people outside Europe, where the threat, I believe, has not yet appeared. North America looks likely to be the next target.

Anyway, it’s a virus that came to England recently from the Continent, where it first appeared in Germany, affecting Windows users. It purports... (more)

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No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jun 2, 2008

...even then we may not be able to successfully clean it. Nasty infections are generally very difficult to get rid of and usually require that the operating system be reinstalled from scratch, which just adds time to our task.

Fourthly, (is that even a word?) we don’t enjoy working on computers as much as you might think. You know those guys you see on TV that are always messing with computers and talking about the latest whiz bang graphics card that renders a bajillion polygons per second? Guess what. We’re not them. We are IT professionals. We are usually highly specialized in... (more)

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