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Lessons From The Drop-In...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 4, 2012

Some things You Should NEVER DO if you work in a drop-in lol

Practical Lessons In Survival I was so naive.....

There are some very important things you need to learn very quickly if you want to survive working in a drop-in for street people. Man, was I christened within the first few days . Looking back, it really is quite funny to me how naive I was then. Didn't take me long to wise up some. It was a matter of survival, mine and theirs.

First, and this is a definate NO-NO. Do not empty the ashtrays. Well it seemed to me that if they had butts in them, I should... (more)

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Strength Through Wisdom

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 13, 2012

When the wind blows through the harp

The strings will speak

So are we...

Waiting in patience to be

What we are destined to be...

The barriers will never restrain

Nor hold captive Truth or wisdom

Drinking from a holy chalice

Quenching my body and soul

Refreshed are my parched lips

When I was to perish You brought me The water of life and grace....

Giving me strength to persist Light for mine eyes to see

My limbs restored My heart born again...Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald

"It is worth remembering... (more)

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Thoughts To Ponder

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 7, 2012

...reclusive during periods of emotional stress. Roll with the punches . Refuse to indulge in self-pity when life hands you a raw deal. Accept the fact that nobody gets through life without some sorrow and misfortune. Be old-fashioned . Cultivate the old-fashion virtues -- love, honor, compassion and loyalty. Be reasonable . Don't expect too much of yourself. When there is too wide a gap between self-expectation and your ability to meet the goals you have set, feelings of inadequacy are inevitable. Go outside yourself . Find something bigger than yourself to believe in.... (more)

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Everybody Is Beautiful

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 6, 2012

I am revisiting Howard for those of my new friends who may enjoy meeting Howard....another person gone but not forgotten. Howard was one of the many people I met and worked with at a drop-in for the homeless....The many lessons I was privileged to learn from so many has stood the test of time and bettered my own life in so many ways. I would like to tell you about Howard, another one of God's beautiful creations. Howard was around 30 years old and had been coming to the drop-in for around 5 years. Under all the crazy long reddish brown matted hair, the fringed suede coat, the dirty... (more)

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I'll Be Your Mirror

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 7, 2012

In a sense we hold the destiny of those we love in our hands. If we love and accept them, they will be empowered to accept and love themselves. WE ARE LIKE A MIRROR STANDING IN FRONT OF THEM, SAYING, " LOOK!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU'RE REALLY OK. OF COURSE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, AND I'M NOT DENYING THAT. WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT YOU ARE OKAY. I ACCEPT YOU WHERE EVER YOU ARE. I CARE ABOUT YOU." If we can extend acceptance like this to one another,we will all individually grow in self-understanding and self-acceptance. Whatever the symptoms are,the real problem is always the same.... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 26, 2012

SEEING WITH MY HEART I saw you todayAnd the sorrowI tried not to seeWas etched deeplyWithin your soulI saw you and wantedSo badly to rock youin my arms and bringA mother's comfortBack to you.Take you to a placeOf innocence and comfortLost when we lostThe naivety of aSuckling baby uponA mother's breast.I saw you lookWith salted eyes intoYour own heartAnd cryTears that would not CeaseI saw you needingThe hope that youHad left in her armsLong agoEtched in sorrowI saw you bowYour head in prayerSearching for theStrength to beginAnew with courageI saw you and thoughYou did not seeI too bowed my headPraying... (more)

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Beautiful Rejected Ones

By D. Sager, published on Dec 31, 2011

How strong am I? I didn't know until I faced death, loneliness, depression, lost a loved one, felt the pain of hating my body, experienced the betrayal of a lover, and wrestled with an addiction. These I have done and come back from, being rewarded with an understanding and compassion for those teetering on the point of no return. So many people on that edge, looking self loathing, rejection, and death in the face. These are the outcasts, the downtrodden, the incarcerated, the elderly, the dis-formed, the dysfunctional, the addicted. I will be a friend, a partner to those rejected... (more)

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By RoninA, published on Dec 14, 2011

Children is such derogatory situation are seeing and experiencing their human right being strip off them in the most in human way and even at the political frontier they are not protected they suffer physical , mental , emotional and psychological damages that affect their mental well being and in do doubt their lives in general , in most cases ends up having a ripple effect on the society by becoming drug dealers, prostitutes, pocket pickers, thieves and not mentioning the fact of ending up in prison.

But there are tens if not hundreds of legislation’s out there that purport to defend... (more)

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The Little Light Point is timeless

By RoninA, published on Nov 15, 2011

This book is dedicated to my daughters

Nina Durante and Nathalie Durante,

to my Grandma Charlotte Dumas,

and every one who read this book, and see it as one inspiration to wake up and discover who they really are.

“Please never forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on the planet Earth, and not human having a spiritual experience.”

I want to give a special thank for Alex Moreham who make this book possible with her correction.

Be blessed by the Love and the Light of the Creator, who inspire me to write this book.

Contents... (more)

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International Day of Compassion - Care or Cure

By Barkha Dhar, published on May 15, 2011 same social rights. Perhaps John Rawls envisioned a social model based on morality, ethicality, and virtues. His ideology seems similar to that of Dr. Patch Adams who intends to design a society based on ‘care systems’. Dr Adams philosophy of holistic care integrates cause with compassion and is a consciousness raising effort of utmost importance in healthcare system today. Historically, health has been analogous to medicine and ‘bedside manner’ has therefore been a critical part of Doctors’ diagnosis and care relationship with their patients. However, over the years... (more)

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