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Why the West is in Decline

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 23, 2013

...but will place their countries on paths to prosperity, then we are facing the inevitable ticking time bomb. Printing money and providing failed companies with unconditional bailouts are signs of this weakness, and we have seen a lot of this in the last five years.

Death of the Middle Class: when the tax base (aka. the middle class) erodes by its members going upmarket (where they usually don’t pay taxes due to umpteen loopholes for the wealthy) or sliding downhill into subsistence (where they don’t need to pay taxes because their contribution is insignificant), or when they... (more)

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A Dose of Personal Responsibility

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 12, 2011 living in poverty, consider this: this writer has NEVER condemned anyone who was unable to provide for himself. In fact, this writer believes that it is necessary that those who cannot work for themselves be allowed some assistance and would even concede that they deserve a lower middle-class existence. These would be those who physically cannot work or are in some way mentally retarded and cannot function within what are considered normal parameters of life.

Where this writer gets angry and lashes out is at those who are mentally and/or physically capable of holding down... (more)

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LA Foster Care: Race Plays a Role.

By joshuaallen, published on Apr 8, 2010 more popular than the telephone numbers for personal injury attorneys you see on the side of buses. (But it’s close).

Yet child abuse seems to cut equally across the racial and socioeconomic spectrum. And if a small percentage of everyone is doing it, why aren’t all races (and classes) represented equally in foster care in proportion to their population here in Los Angeles? Is this because of racism or some other nefarious reason?

Without doubt, some would say exactly that. Racism however can’t begin to explain these huge percentages. Racism plays a role, but the... (more)

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