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Travel is Education

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 9, 2013 tools and data repositories available to me, I wrote copiously about Strasbourg and Metz, and not in our present day either, but around the time of the French Revolution. Something irked me on completing the book. I had not captured the soul of these places. So I travelled to those two cities and spent some time soaking in their atmospheres.

The first thing I noticed was how poorly I had estimated distance, especially if travelling by horse and carriage, and how differently the shadows fell on old buildings at certain times of the day; and the variance in colour of the Vosges ... (more)

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Trying to imagine life without social media

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 3, 2013 inventions collided with their social lives in the past: the telephone, the TV, the car, the supermarket, the microwave, and canned food? Digitization and sharing has now replaced the communal life of the village where everybody knows everything about everyone else. Even the anonymity of cities—something I used to love to escape to occasionally—is breaking down under the new rules of conduct, where city dwellers cooped up in glass towers and matchbox condos, ostensibly isolated, are connecting with each other like never before.

Okay, so there is no going back, we are the... (more)

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Sensual City

By Anastasia , published on Jun 12, 2012

If you come to Florence for the first time, a city you may have visited previously in art and imagination, there is one supreme moment of epiphany. It is not a place that surrenders easily, unlike Rome and Venice. But there you are, right in the centre, walking along narrow streets unknown to you.

It's the evening of your first day. You have not long arrived, driving up from Rome. You are tired. But life is short; you want to explore before going to bed, using every drop squeezed from the fruit of time. You turn into a narrow and rising alley for pedestrians only. On both sides... (more)

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Blonde Ambition

By Anastasia , published on May 1, 2012

When I was eighteen I wrote to Boris Johnson, the present mayor of London. He was then shadow Minister of the Arts in the front bench team of Michael Howard, the Conservative Leader of the Opposition.

Johnson was also at the time the editor of the Spectator, a weekly political magazine that I’ve been reading since my early schooldays. It was on his watch that an editorial appeared criticising the people of Liverpool for displays of ‘mawkish sentimentality’ over the death in Iraq of a prominent local figure. They were also accused of wallowing in a ‘vicarious victimhood.’ Howard,... (more)

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