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The Best Christmas Stores in St. Louis For Your Decorations

By Katie Li, published on Dec 31, 2013

For many consumers, the best part of the holiday season is being able to decorate their homes. Living spaces can be transitioned into winter wonderlands, filled with trinkets, candies and other visual delights. This is why so many people love visiting Christmas stores in St. Louis. These are the perfect shops for picking up holiday decor, trinkets and other items that inspire a festive mood.

Warm Up Your Patio

Patio furnishings are not just for the warmest months of the year. Many of the Christmas stores St. Louis locals can visit offer an array of products that are designed... (more)

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My Favorite Times of the Christmas Season (by Fellow Blogger

By Coach Phatty, published on Dec 26, 2013

The Christmas Season is a special time of year in which millions and millions around the world celebrate the birth of Christ. Peace and Hope are not only reasons to celebrate during this time of year but it is also a time to give gifts and demonstrate love and compassion to others.

A week or so ago, I put out a request to my friends around the WordPress universe and asked people to share with us what the Christmas Season meant to them. The following is a collection of their thoughts. I hope that you find them both encouraging and inspiring to your heart and soul!


... (more)

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Postcard from Lagos – a white Christmas in Black Africa.

By iancochrane, published on Dec 26, 2013

...white smile. “But you are lucky Sir, for we do have another form, and shall be most happy to see you again next week.”

When leaving, my security friend waves with one hand, gun hanging loosely in the other. I again bemoan the Jo’burg traffic, and my chances of being in Lagos by Christmas. It’s October already. There’s a frown as he listens, and that now familiar African shrug. He leans close. “Traffic? Here?” He turns, following my gaze to the bedlam outside. “As you are travelling to Nigeria Sir, I’m thinking you must learn to be an optimist.”


... (more)

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Saying Goodbye to Mom and the Christmas Miracle

By Coach Phatty, published on Dec 23, 2013

It was a week before Christmas and my dearly beloved mother was in a coma. She was dying of cancer and had been unconscious since early that afternoon. It was the third night in a row that my wife and I had made our two hour trip to come to my mother’s house to say”goodbye” to her.

The hospice doctor had told me three days earlier that he believed that mom would pass away at any time and that we should visit her to be with her when she passed. So, for those three nights, we would make our trip to be with her and wait for the dreaded moment to come.

Leaving her house each night... (more)

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Top 5 Gifts for Gamers

By conjunktionman, published on Dec 17, 2013

...Creed Gauntlet Replica

Ever wanted to be like the assassin? This ridiculously well-detailed accessory may just be up your street. Featuring a leather-look gauntlet and retractable plastic blade. It will allow Assassins Creed fanatics to live out their strange fantasies this Christmas. Be warned. This does not carve a turkey very well.


Become a living, breathing part of gaming history with this retro Pac Man hoodie. The whole top is one giant Pac Man maze featuring the Man of Pac himself and his ghostly wee friends.

XBOX... (more)

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The Man Who Hated Christmas

By Coach Phatty, published on Dec 14, 2013

The short, inspirational Christmas story below was originally published in the December 14, 1982 issue of Woman’s Day magazine. This moving story inspired the creation of The White Envelope Project, a caring nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the next generation of givers, civic leaders, and philanthropists. May this inspirational story remind us all of the true meaning of Christmas and giving during the holidays and throughout the year. The story was written by Nancy W. Gavin.

——————————— It’s just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas... (more)

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The War on Christmas

By Paul Anthony, published on Nov 28, 2013

The War on Christmas


Controversy continues to surround the celebration of Christmas and is unearthed in the perspectives apparent when examining government, media, advertising, and cultural issue both at home and abroad.

In recent times this has been restricted to concerns about Christmas themes such as Santa Claus and the giving of gifts as opposed to the real reason for the season professed by Christians, namely the birth of Jesus.

Current controversy is centred in western countries such as the United States, Canada and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom and... (more)

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Worst Christmas Ever: Santa Screwed Me

By Ely North, published on Dec 26, 2012

Dear Ely,

Santa Claus has made my shitlist. He didn’t bring me the new bike I wanted for Christmas – just a bunch of socks and sweaters and other crap no proper kid would ever want to unwrap. It’s so unfair, because I was really good all year. I tried real hard to always do the right thing, and I didn’t get in trouble at all. Why is Santa blackballing me? Is there anything I can do to talk some sense into that chubby tub of lard? Is there an appeals process I can follow to get the new bike I so well deserve?


Disappointed Danny


Dear... (more)

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A Magical Christmas With Nine Children

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 23, 2012

...lips as they gazed in wonder around the transformed kitchen.

A gingerbread house, created at night when the kids were sleeping sat in the centre of the table with a fruit bowl, dishes of candies, nuts and, best of all, sugar cereal! The whole room was edged with coloured lights and Christmas towels, tablecloth,napkins, pot holders with bright red ribbons on all the door handles. On year a friend at Madonna House asked Mary what her favorite thing about Christmas was and she said, "The pineapple!". Her answer shocked Martha but I was simply pleased. I understood that children... (more)

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The Christmas Miracles of 1986

By Katrina Lowrey, published on Dec 23, 2012


My husband was self-producing a national radio show and I was in negotiations for a cartoon contract with a local newspaper, The LA Reader. We were also waiting on a promised record contract with help from an acquaintance who worked for Arista Records.

A few days before Christmas, Doc received a letter from his Mother telling him that his 8-year-old adopted daughter had been hurt in a double homicide at her grandparent's Thanksgiving party and that his ex-wife needed money for the hospital bill. He knew the family well and had a lot of difficult experiences with them. ... (more)

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