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Daily Word for Sun 12/20/2009

By Pastor Jeff, published on Dec 21, 2009

Excuses, excuses, everybody has excuses. Way back in the dark ages, when I was a boy, excuses for not having homework done ranged from "the dog ate it" to "I finished my work but it dropped out of my notebook into a mud puddle on the way to school." Solomon tells us that the sluggard or lazy man always has an excuse. Solomon's example is that there is a lion outside and it might eat the sluggard. Indeed there were lions roaming Israel at the time of Solomon, but not in the streets of Jerusalem! Note that the sluggard is afraid he will be killed in the streets, not in the forest! It seems that... (more)

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My Name Is Khan

By wolviela, published on Aug 18, 2009

...biggest star, Shah Rukh Khan is detained.

India is one of the few countries I think maybe equivalent in it’s tolerance towards different aspects of culture and religion like the United States, UK, Australia, etc. A country where people of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism, and Christianity get a long for the most part. But just like in the U.S. there are ignorances that try as we might, may never be dis-engrained (yes I believe I made that word up), as those thoughts are passed down by generation to generation.

If you are a fan of Indian movies or culture you will know ... (more)

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A Christian Analysis Of Atheism, Part 2

By FMeekins, published on Aug 17, 2009

...Republicans that Americans must make on election day. The decision to be made transcends the limited purposes of institutionalized politics to embrace fundamental issues of worldview and belief. The nature of this conflict can be discovered in a comparison and contrast between atheism and Christianity.From the fundamental postulate regarding the nonexistence of God, atheism attempts to formulate a comprehensive framework upon which to hang its understanding of mankind and the universe. Without God to account for the cosmos in which they find themselves, atheists argue that the complexity ... (more)

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Early Marriage High Horse, Healthcare Informants, & Not About Philosophy

By FMeekins, published on Aug 10, 2009

...the fanatic multiculturalists assenting to this vote would have easily glossed over what this school teaches if the school was run by White folks from the Ku Klux Klan.

Since both the Klan and this school are both alleged to teach violence against Jews, I don't really see all that much difference between then.

More importantly, since it is not a matter of "philosophy", I wonder if the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will be as eager to grant requests made on the part of church groups, or does Christianity just happen to be the wrong religion?

by Frederick Meekins


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The Nemesis Called Xmas

By Credo, published on Aug 9, 2009

...bells, holly, mistletoe and colored lights, thanksgiving and the giving of gifts.  It is also a time of department store Santa's (while holding thousands of children on their laps) calling out their universal mantra, "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas."  Nearly all of the realm of so-called "Christianity" (and the rest of the world) joins in and repeat this same greeting, "Merry Christmas!"

Although we hear these words constantly as they resonate millions of times throughout the land, almost nobody understands what they are really saying.  It is the purpose of this manuscript to take ... (more)

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A Christian Analysis Of Atheism, Part 1

By FMeekins, published on Aug 4, 2009

...While atheism can trace its pedigree back throughout much of human history, a number of modern thinkers have ensured this system a place of prominence within the cultural consciousness.

One pivotal intellect laying a foundation for atheism was Ludwig Feuerbach. In "The Essence Of Christianity", Feuerbach set out to undermine the claims of the supernatural by providing religious belief with a naturalistic basis postulating that the idea of God is merely a mental projection of the goodness and nobility residing within man's own bosom (McGrath, 95). Once mankind realizes that there... (more)

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Literarily Speaking With Personal Growth Author Jill Jepson

By boomergirl, published on Jul 13, 2009 Guatemala, Istanbul, the Greek Islands, many places.

If you had 30 seconds to convince someone that your book is the best book out there in your genre, what would you say?

My book encompasses spiritual traditions throughout the world, from Buddhism to Christianity, Islam to Native American traditions. It is organized around four paths—that of the shaman, the warrior, the mystic, and the monk—that have much in common with specific aspects of the writing life, and it shows what writers can learn from each of those paths. Most... (more)

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Reagan Era Republicans: Will They Be The Ones "left Behind"?

By john robertson, published on Feb 2, 2009

...a new kind of leader was sworn into office. Just as in 1981, there too was a precedent and history was made. It seems, for now, the pendulum is finally swinging the other way. Nevertheless, I just cannot shake this feeling that this could be the quiet before the storm. For, like fascism, Christianity will never be done until it fulfills its destiny of complete dominion, or until it is proven to be false and forgotten into obscurity. Our new leader preaches “change”. Indeed, things do change. Bonanza Gold Inc. has a new board of directors and a new name: Inspired Media... (more)

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The Bible Is Not A Smorgasbord

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 6, 2008

...even give that man the courtesy of calling him “reverend”).  God loves every man, woman and child on this earth.  God loves everyone whom He created.  What He doesn’t love are the evil, wicked things people on this earth do to themselves and each other.

The basic tenet of Christianity rests on the foundation that we are free to do whatever we want in this life.  If we choose to love and serve God, there is a reward for that.  If we choose to hate and revile God, there is a consequence to that as well.  I used to hang around wiccans.  I considered some to be friends of ... (more)

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Counter-culture Icon George Carlin Dies

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 23, 2008

...little less funny this morning as George Carlin died in Santa Monica on Sunday of heart failure. He was 71.

Over the years, Carlin was known for his racy humor and biting commentary on the world as he saw it. Many times he joked about his Irish-Catholic upbringing and corralled Christianity in with Islam and other religions claiming, “they all took turns killing other people because God told them it was a good idea.” His most famous routine, The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television has been the centerpiece for the defense of FCC regulation of broadcast... (more)

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