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The Levee Is About To Break

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 17, 2006

...has and those drivers will not have to adhere to such regulations as 8-hours off for every 8 hours on the road. You’ll have exhausted drivers pushing 10 tons of steel at whatever speed they can get away with. When those trucks careen out of control it is the epitome of a bull in a China shop. Once one of those trucks gets loose, anything in its way is doomed. You really want to explain to a young husband that his new bride was just unrecognizably slaughtered by a Mexican truck driver who hasn’t slept in 18 hours, was driving without a license (or insurance recognized... (more)

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“Tomorrow is election day…”

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 7, 2006

...sell Alaska back to the Russians so there is only the contiguous 48 United States of America. Of course, we also have to build massive border walls between our nation and Canada and Mexico. We need to be completely isolationist. We have to stop buying our TVs, VCRs and Phones from China and start building them here in America again. All of the companies that have outsourced work to India need to call those jobs back to America, too. Once we have done this, we need to surrender all of our possessions that were made in Asia – that includes your Toyota Corolla and your... (more)

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Chineses Festival of Lights

By T. M. Smith, published on Oct 26, 2006

For Yu Qinying, decorating a 100 meter long, 15 foot high Dragon with fine china is all in a day’s work. The woman from China is in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on the larger Dragon lantern in time for Lantern Festival which opens Friday at Hollywood Park. Qinying, and over 40 other Chinese workers arrived here earlier in the month to help create this traditional Chinese festival of lights. They have been working round-the-clock to erect over thirty large lantern structures that will be the showpieces of the festival. “We are delighted to bring the splendor of the Lantern... (more)

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Sweatshops Go Virtual

By J. La Mont, published on Sep 27, 2006

...800+ listings alone for Warcraft from $20 for gold to several hundred dollars for fully developed characters. According to Professor Edward Castronova, Associate Professor of Telecommunications at Indiana University Bloomington, these sweatshops are appearing from Mexico to Romania to China because, "Working in a room made safe for computers is going to offer better conditions than working behind a plough in some field." In the end, no matter how much things supposedly change with the advancement of technology there will always be the rich with money to spend and poor people... (more)

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Sri Lanka: Reuniting the Island

By Foreignpolicyer, published on Dec 9, 2018

...issue. Furthermore, India’s three-year long peacekeeping tenure in northern Sri Lanka, in which it faced stout opposition from the LTTE and lost over 1000 men, is something India would like to forget, much less repeat.

In addition to India, other countries, like the United States, China and the European nations, would be worse off in the event of another Sri Lankan civil war. Such renewed chaos would hamper trade with Sri Lanka and, due to Sri Lanka’s strategic position along the Indian Ocean trading routes, could even disrupt economic activity throughout South and... (more)

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