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Series - We The People - Interview Hopeful Earth Change Expert#25

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 31, 2007

...Australia. AMY GOODMAN: And how long would it last? TIM FLANNERY: If you run the whole Australian economy on it, it will last at least a century. And that’s the one deposit, you know. This is -- there’s ten companies looking for more of these hot rocks in Australia now. And in China there’s great prospects, as well. There’s prospects in Europe and, doubtless, in parts of the US. So as we shift away from coal and take a medium to long-term view, we can’t just imagine the choices between clean coal technologies and nuclear power. There are other very... (more)

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You say Dim Sum I say Yum Cha let's call the whole thing off

By V, published on Oct 16, 2007

...bias I can assure you, and at the risk of falling out of favor with my fellow Americans, I have to say that I have had great difficulty with Chinese food since arriving in Los Angeles. Quite simply, it’s not really Chinese food. I have now come to realize, after eating my way through Chinatowns on both coasts of America (yes, including San Francisco), there is such a thing in the world as, ‘American Chinese.’ And can someone please explain to me why you are supplied with a dinner plate rather than a small bowl when dining in a Chinese restaurant here? Has no one ever ... (more)

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North Korea Agrees to End Nuclear Program

By Chris Jones, published on Sep 3, 2007

...the one on one approach with the DPRK, but in the end was hoodwinked by Kim Jong-iL. The Bush Administration instead opted to bring all the major players in on the discussions and therefore ask the DPRK in one unified voice to disarm. This became known as the "6 party talks" and included China, U.S., France, Russia, Great Britain, and Japan. Bush realized correctly that the country with by far the most leverage on North Korea was China. The Chinese are literally the last communist lifeline the North has left in the world. If China were to cut out the small amount of oil,... (more)

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What Is Your Native Language?

By Betty Zou, published on Aug 22, 2007

...were more sought after than those who learned English as a second or foreign language. Second, when I was applying to graduate school. They wanted to assess if the applicant’s English is good enough for him/her to succeed in the program. What is my native language? I was born in China, and I am of the Han race. The first words I uttered were in Mandarin Chinese. The first words I learned to read and write were Chinese words. Chinese in every sense of the word, is my mother tongue. My mother spoke it and my ancestors spoke it. There is no doubt that I am a native-Chinese... (more)

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Kids meals toys, made in China!

By manny osborne, published on Aug 18, 2007 take my niece to get a chicken nuggets kids meal, she loves chicken nuggets, to celebrate her first day at school, so we went to a fast food restaurant, I was enjoying a milk shake when she asked me if I could open her toy , I was about to open the plastic bag when I noticed the Made in China label, I went to the cashier and asked him for a different toy, that hasn't be made in China, "Sorry but all our toys are made in china" that's the answer I got from the employees, those were bad news to my little niece, I explained to her that we have to go shopping for a better toy, my niece ... (more)

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Does "Made In China" mean "Hazardous to Your Health?"

By Steven Lane, published on Aug 6, 2007 Chinese take-out disaster after another. The cake was baked with the news of contaminated pet food, exploding tires, toothpaste laced with anti-freeze and lead-laden toys, like Thomas the Train and wooden drums. Last month Hasbro Inc. ordered the recall of "Easy-Bake Ovens" manufactured in China. There have even been warnings by pro life organizations that RU-486, a chemical abortion pill made exclusively in China has led to at least 6 documented deaths in North America. The "icing on the cake" came on Wednesday, August 1st, when Fisher-Price, the parent company of Mattel Inc,... (more)

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The Summer of Shove

By Lynn Downey, published on Jul 19, 2007

... But I went overboard. I just disappeared. And why shouldn’t I? My room had everything I needed: a radio, a record player, recordings of Mendelsohn, Grieg, Ravel, and the Smithsonian’s collection of folk songs, linens and embroidery thread, thirty stuffed animals, forty china animals, my calico cat Queenie and about fifty books. And I had a plan: I’d only come out for meals, school and family gatherings. Then I’d go to college. I didn’t think this would be a problem, because I certainly wouldn’t be any trouble to my parents. But... (more)

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The Bored Of Education

By Hunter Addams, published on Jul 2, 2007

Three people have been arrested in Beijing for running a high-tech college exam cheating scam. In the last few years, China has seen an increase in the amount of these crimes. Beijing considers the college entrance exams to be so important, they hold it under state security. So those caught cheating are usually doing so in a very inventive way. From cheating wallets and sneakers to paying off people in the offices to wear pinhole cameras, and taking pictures of the papers in order to take the test early and sell the answers to the exams prior to the exams. The scam these three were running involved... (more)

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Senate Steps Further Out of Touch

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 27, 2007

...from you and given, no strings attached, to illegal aliens. America is not now, nor has it ever been anti-immigrant. America is happy to take anyone from any nation in the world and make him or her an American. No one can immigrate to Mexico and become a Mexican. No one can immigrate to China and become Chinese. No other country in the world has the ability to assimilate immigrants so completely as to make them truly one of its own. So no, America is not anti-immigrant (nor am I). But Americans need to become anti-illegal immigrant. There are rules for coming into America and... (more)

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The Sopranos cuts to black

By Liz, published on Jun 18, 2007

... easy and brutal killing of Bobby and attempted murder of Silvio, the New York family has suddenly gone flaccid. They just can’t find Tony. As Phil’s soldier ends his phone call, he is suddenly jostled by a crowd of Asian people, as he wanders out of Little Italy and into a bustling China town. The episode progresses with a trip by Tony out to see his family at their newly acquired beach house. Far from luxurious, the house looks like the homes of his childhood era. He enters the home without much aplomb or interest from either Meadow or AJ. In fact, instead of offering her... (more)

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