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Killing Babies or Selling Them

By Anastasia , published on Jul 19, 2012

The two extremes of China’s long standing one child per family policy were evident recently: the horrifying images of a young woman tied to a hospital bed while her seven-month foetus is forcibly aborted, and the equally horrifying reports that a new market has grown up in the sale of unborn children.

Kidnapping has long been a problem, another unwelcome feature of the one-child policy, but the latest trend is for women from poorer areas of the country to get pregnant with the deliberate intention of selling their babies. A trafficking network has made the whole process much easier.... (more)

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Let 300 million Flowers Bloom

By Anastasia , published on May 20, 2012

...mind of some bureaucrat or other. One individual said “Public opinion poll? Did they conduct it inside the Politburo? Poor old public opinion – raped once again.”

I say ‘said’ but the comment was actually tweeted, except it wasn’t tweeted because Twitter isn’t allowed in China! No, but people do have access to a microblogging service called (weibo simply means microblog). It’s hosted by Sina, a state-controlled internet service provider which regularly censors content, but Chinese bloggers are amazingly versatile, getting around restrictions in all... (more)

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PH urges other countries to take stand on China

By Nei Brandon Bautista, published on May 1, 2012

MANILA, Philippines -- Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario on Sunday called on other nations to take a stand on China's new aggressiveness in a simmering territorial dispute over a shoal in the South China Sea, which Manila calls the West Philippine Sea.

Del Rosario warned in a statement that other nations would be affected by China's claim over the mineral-rich area if they did not speak up now, like the Philippines is doing.

"Since the freedom of navigation and unimpeded commerce in the (South China Sea) are of great import to many nations, all should consider what China is... (more)

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Palace websites attacked, Chinese hackers suspected

By Nei Brandon Bautista, published on May 1, 2012

...from IP addresses assigned to Chinese networks," Lacierda said.

"We determined that this was a denial-of- service attack," the Palace official added.

The three websites are now up and running.

On Friday, the University of the Philippines website featured a photo depicting China’s territorial claim of the Spratly Islands, particularly the Scarborough Shoal, which has been the subject of an ongoing standoff between Chinese and Philippine naval forces.

“We come from China! Huangyan Island is Ours!” a caption below the photo of the defacement said.

In... (more)

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Save the date, says global Filipino group: May 11

By Nei Brandon Bautista, published on Apr 27, 2012

NEW YORK - Loida Nicolas Lewis, national chair of a Filipino-American good governance organization, on Thursday called on Filipinos around the world to hold rallies in front of China’s embassies and consulates on May 11 to protest its recent aggressive encroachments on the Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal.

Her call quickly drew positive responses from an initial batch of Filipino groups in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

China considers the Scarborough Shoal, located 124 nautical miles from the Philippines’ Zambales province, to be its “inherent territory” even though... (more)

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How Are the Mighty Fallen

By Anastasia , published on Jan 31, 2012

I admire China; I admire the present Chinese government. Oh, please don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying that I admire communism; I don’t; I loath it, but it’s doubtful that the Chinese system has anything to do with communism in any meaningful ideological sense. No, as an idea it was effectively abandoned at the same time as the Soviet Union collapsed. Russia and China then took the high road to capitalism, chaotic for the former, controlled for the latter.

What I admire is the technique of realpolitik, the wholly Machiavellian outlook of the Chinese. This is likely to be their... (more)

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China at the Cliff

By Jack_Popiel, published on Oct 29, 2011

In September 2007, as our credit bubble was starting its collapse, China’s meteoric rise was the subject of universal admiration. We disagreed with this view, and wrote an essay titled “The Chinese Disaster” outlining the flaws in the Chinese growth model and suggesting a potentially disastrous end to the experiment.

Four years later it is appropriate to revisit both analysis and forecast.

Our first theme in the original essay was the lack of an ethical system underlying China’s current development. After Mao had “burned the books” and destroyed China’s 2500-year old ethical foundation... (more)

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The Burden of the Echo Boomers

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 27, 2011

...has no place for them. The good news is that they have been likened to their grandparents—the Greatest Generation—who fought WWII and remade a destroyed world. I have tried to imagine what the EB world would look like, at least in our western half of the planet: no factories (try India or China), suffocating office cubes replaced by open-concept green energy workplaces where the lights automatically shut off at night, book-less libraries, farmland converted into wind energy corridors, snaking public transportation routes, tolls on city streets, lots of bicycles and roller blades,... (more)

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Occupy Wall Street… What For?

By Jack_Popiel, published on Oct 24, 2011

...a neo-hippie Oktoberfest or the tip of the iceberg, the fin of the first shark. Which is it?

The occupiers are protesting against “the financial system”, which means the current, globalized version of it. Why?

Over the past thirty years or so, nearly all barriers (except for China) to the global movement of money have been removed. Simultaneously electronic technology has made such operations instantaneous, allowing to move trillions of dollars per day. This has opened an enormous field for financial speculation in equities, bonds, commodities, currency and just about... (more)

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Panelists: America Needs to Invest More in Clean Energy

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 3, 2011

...export earnings per job than the rest of the economy. Also, more than 2/3 of clean economy jobs are middle wage and middle skill.Muro laid out the basic framework for what he termed the "Next Economy." This new economy will be export and innovation driven with lower carbon. It will also be rich with opportunity.Will we continue to prop up 20th century industries like oil and coal or will we start playing catch-up with China and other nations and support 21st century industries like solar and wind? The panelists made a compelling case for the United States to move towards a clean economy.


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