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Journalistic Dumpster Diving

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 1, 2011

...same politicians they're supposed to be reporting on now would it?

Enough. When the time has come that our media says that in order for Americans to survive, we should seriously take a look at and consider taking articles out of garbage cans to put into our bodies and the bodies of our children, then that media has shown that they should not be believed about anything. Until they start asking why this President, who has broken every promise he made about change blah blah blah, and his criminal cohorts aren't sitting in jail cells and not be covering American Idol and drivel such as... (more)

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The Trumpet Summons Us Again

By Caballero_69, published on Mar 1, 2011

...and the poor are getting darker. A new segregation is rising based on economic status, but showing distinct shades of difference as well. “One nation, indivisible”, is splitting into two Americas. On March 18, 1968, Robert Kennedy declared, “I have seen this other America. I have seen children in Mississippi starving…. I don’t think that is acceptable in the United States of America. If we believe that as Americans we are bound together by a common concern for each other, then an urgent national priority is upon us. We must end the disgrace of this other America. But even if we... (more)

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What is Creation All About?

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 11, 2011

What is creation about?Why are we here?Questions, Questions, more Questions.

The answer is: The ChildrenYes, the children.It is a seed, beginning of a flower.IIt is the kitten, learning to walk and suckle.

Yes, the children. It is the children.I see them growing and wonder about tomorrow.I see the pain from mistakes of leaving home And remember mine.I see the love and want to give them all I have.

Yes, all the children.I see their pain and I want to hold them close, But I know they must learn.I see their choices and I feel prideWhen they are doing their very best.

... (more)

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Trade Offs

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 11, 2011

... and varied and have only a little to do with her decision to stay at home. The economy, the current state of hiring, the fact that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of people applying for the same jobs she is. It is always most convenient to find blame rather than work to find an answer to one's problems.

I have no regrets. I've learned to live life without them. Choices are made, trade offs are accepted, and life goes on. If you are truly at peace with those things, then regret doesn't figure into things. I wouldn't trade off my time with my children for anything.


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All About Me

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 10, 2010

I have long held the belief that almost anyone from the age of 12 to 25 is a complete narcissist. They are all about the me. What are you doing for me? What are you giving me? How are you helping me? Me, me, me. Most of them cannot see beyond their own nose in the mirror, which is where they spend most of their time. It's an epidemic that has become more and more prevalent in the last few years.

Most American kids have it easy. They are well taken care of. They pretty much get what they want. They feel entitled. They are not forced a lot of them to work for anything that includes... (more)

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Natural Progression

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 6, 2010

...a lot of things over the years. One of the main things is that no matter how much I want to manage or influence my kids choices that the natural progression of things leads to my letting go and to their making mistakes. It is the way of life and it is the way that they learn.

When children are small, parents can shape their actions and choices. They can determine what they do, where they go, what things they receive. They can to a large extent determine how well they do in school as children are more apt to respond to parental involvement at a young age. Young children can be ... (more)

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Helping Others Begets Happiness

By Barkha Dhar, published on Oct 19, 2010

... Such was the epoch that little Avijit and his friends aspired in their uphill battle until Zana Briski, photographer, filmmaker and activist saw the unseen blooming in their dingy rooms. Zana’s appetite for giving back and her ardor to share smiles through her lenses gave a group of deprived children the pursuit of happiness. Grooming an excited bunch of children on photographic skills to recognize their hidden talents gave these hapless a light of hope.

Zana’s movie ‘Born into Brothels,’ an Oscar winning documentary on the emotions of these little children in the red light... (more)

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Doing Right By My Sons

By LiftingMeUp, published on Sep 13, 2010

...and be understood.

How to understand and be felt.

How to love and be loved.

How to give and receive.

I need you to know that a woman is not an object.

A woman is an equal.

A woman is a gift.

Your partner in your life.

The mother of your children.

The mother of my grandchildren.

The one that you need to make your life decisions with.

The one that you need to grow old with.

The one that you need to respect.

As she should respect you.

The one that you should love.

As she should love... (more)

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Make A Wish When Death Calls

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 28, 2010

... didn't take very long at all for the hospital visits to turn into a full time hospital stay, with one of us in his room at all times. Schedules were rearranged, jobs changed, and a 300 mile move was undertaken in order to be right near the hospital where he was being cared for, one of the best children's hospitals in the country.

Times would come during this two year period wherein he was able to come home for a few days, but even during those times, the sickness and the treatment had already taken their toll to such a degree that walking was difficult for him, and the games we used... (more)

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One Million Discarded Children

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 22, 2010

Having the distinct dishonor of being the only industrialized nation in the world to have a homeless population wherein 40% now consists of families with children, the United States also ranks among the top when it comes to the amount of children left homeless, at last count 1.2 million of them.

While not quite as bad as our neighbor to the south, Mexico, where a full 3 million kids are either homeless or resort to begging and theft in order to maintain a home, we are quickly catching up to them as the extremists do a fast track on the decimation of programs designed to prevent this... (more)

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