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By Kire Sdyor, published on Aug 12, 2012

This is especially true of James (Age 9). So when he turned in his chipped nails and dirty hands for a more pampered look, I knew there had to be a story behind it...James: "I got a manicure and a panicure today."Dad: "So you got your nails and...hold on. What's a panicure?"James: "When they clean up your toe nails."Dad: "That's a pedicure."James: "Alright, so I got a manicure and a pedicure today."Dad: "Why?"James: "It looked like fun. They wash your feet and everything. Look at these fingers. Did you know there's a white part at the bottom of your fingernails. Feel how smooth my hands... (more)

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Home, Home on the Range

By Kire Sdyor, published on Jul 4, 2012

How great it is when on day two of summer vacation they turn to you and say, "We're bored. Can we go to the driving range?"

Dad: "Stand with your feet closer together, it's not hockey."

James (Age 9): "But I'm awesome at hockey. Can we go hit balls from up on the top deck?"

Dad: "No."

James: "Why."

Dad: "You chase the balls onto the range if they don't go far enough. You'll run right off the top deck. Olympia, your picking your head up."

Olympia (Age 13): "I like to see what's going on."

Dad: "How exactly do you put a divet in the rubber... (more)

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Raising Our Children Well

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 19, 2012

...destructive avenues for kids to turn down these days. Temptations are everywhere, and can cause big time damage if explored: teenage pregnancies, drugs, alcohol, cults, street crimes, and gangs as examples. And then there are parents who are non-existent, or spend very little time with their children. The results of all of these are youth who simply don’t feel validated, loved, appreciated, wanted, and oftentimes becoming mentally out-of-balance as they age. And it doesn’t matter what economic or racial status they belong to, the foundations and morals our children are raised with... (more)

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Lead Us Not Into Confusion

By Thom Hunter, published on May 28, 2012

... sexually-broken on to para-church ministries or psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists is shameful. Somehow we think man can address better in theory what God has addressed in truth?

Be diligent. Don't just scratch your head and mutter something about hell in a hand-basket. While children still listen, long before the face the fork in the road on a late-night alone, be uncompromising in projecting the promise of truth.

Sometimes, in the back of my mind, as I write, I hear a nagging voice saying "silence. . . you hypocrite. Look at your life. What gives you the right to... (more)

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Mothers Day, Fathers Night

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 12, 2012

Mothers Day, Fathers Night.

Married for 30 odd years has given me some insight into this pyshology. The weekend of the Mothers Day drawing near, the hubby fussing for now the children to look after my needs yet it is the love affair of a night that seems to be the payoff.

For Who I ask?

Mothers Day, lunch I'm cooking feeding the tribe and really a leisurely beach walk would do more to stimulate that romance after the years of hard work. For some of you may be a lunch out at a restaurant. Enjoy!

For many of these Mothers celebrating it is a life where they never... (more)

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Poetry Slam

By Kire Sdyor, published on May 10, 2012

...of my poems in a public setting, something I have had little practice in. The other thing I got to do, which I have had loads of practice, is irritate my wife Ann. I can't remember if I told her we were going out for dinner or if it was a wine tasting but wasn't she surprised. Our youngest children wanted me to read the poems to them before we left for the night. I obliged. I should know better. I wonder where they get it from?

Dad: "I was six years old. Very... James you asked me to do this. Why are you playing Tomb Runner while I'm reading this?"

James (Age 9): "I'm ... (more)

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Muzzle It

By Kire Sdyor, published on Apr 28, 2012

Just those breeds with a track record of biting. So, not really all dogs with a record of biting. More like one breed of dog with a track record of biting.

In reality they just want to muzzle Pit Bulls. Maybe it's the way they look. Could be it's the way they act. Might it just be our own fears projected onto one group?

The MSPCA states that "One in every four dogs brought to the MSPCA is a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix." I've got to tell you, if I was abandoned I might bite you too. They also recommend that you Spay/Neuter your Pit Bull. If you tried that with me, I know I'd... (more)

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Are You There God? It's Me Ann.

By Kire Sdyor, published on Apr 28, 2012

Since my wife Ann is still among the living her only chance of sainthood is martyrdom, which she feels she is on track for. Lately she's been looking for signs from God to help her through the pain and suffering of raising Sdyor children...

Disembodied Voice Coming From 3rd Floor Window: "Ann."

Ann: "Did somebody say something?"

DVCF3FW: "Ann."

Ann: "God is that you?"


Ann: "God, what's my purpose on this earth?"

DVCF3FW: "To shut this window so we can move the ladders."

Ann: "Damn roofers!"

Later that day...

... (more)

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Let Me Xplain the Xclaim ;)

By Kire Sdyor, published on Apr 13, 2012

I thought as he got older his views would come in line with what I perceive to be the adult generation. Now I think I may be outnumbered and have to come around to their way of thinking...

Brady: "AFAIC ur generation uses 2 many xclamation points" Dad: "Just in general or someplace specific?" Brady: "evrywhere text email FB twitter do I need 3 xclamation points to tell me ur kids team 1 a game" Dad: "Exclamation points mean added emphasis when non-verbal communication is taking place. Your generation should embrace the exclamation point. All you have is non-verbal communication."... (more)

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Your Family Should Have a Show: The Color of Virtue

By Kire Sdyor, published on Apr 7, 2012

The Sdyor children attend a charter school. This means school uniforms, high academic standards, and strict school behavior including a color card change disciplinary system. Some students and parents start to burn under this lens but my wife Ann and I have decided this is the best place for our children's primary education. Our oldest son Brady (Age 19) went along with the program and got good grades, played sports and served in student government. Olympia (Age 13) is struggling to keep up with her school workload and continue the active social life that comes with being America's sweetheart.... (more)

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