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By Rahul, published on Dec 27, 2012

...I listened silently not able to utter a single word to calm her down. I could have but I just didn’t because a women treated gravely anywhere in the world were, are and will be a shame for all men alike.

For months I have wanting to write about the immoral exploitation of women and children all around the country, and now the latest brutality that happened in Delhi has urged me to do it now. The news channels and news papers see only a sensation in this issue because this is not the first one that they have reported nor is the most brutal. All the protests and slogans will die... (more)

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“Cut the cord, mom!” But My Heartstrings Are Still Attached

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 20, 2012

...because I will and I do. I can turn a blind-eye when necessary, I can even keep my big mouth shut, once-in-a-while, but my heartstrings are still attached. Them I cannot sever. They are attached and twisted into knots forever, with no undoing.

Only God knows how I have tried to keep my children from making the same mistakes as I have, trying to keep them from tripping over the same stone, from falling into the same ditch… But learn from their own mistakes they must.

I never listened to my mother either!

But neither will I accept that just because they are grown, with... (more)

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Prayer Poem

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 15, 2012

Pray for

Tormented souls:

Young man

Shoots himself

Pray for




Young, innocents

martyrs all

Pray for




Pray for:




Pray for




(December 14: Largest mass killing in U.S. of young children, teachers, mother and finally suicide by an unstable young man)


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What Is Really Important In Life?

By melanie jean juneau, published on Nov 1, 2012

...The very fact that everything that my little one required to grow and thrive was inexpensive and near at hand was amazing. My baby didn't need a lot of money spent on him, he simply needed arms to hold him, mother's milk to drink and warm clothes and blankets.

A friend who had five children, couldn't quite grasp my peaceful demeanour as I sat nursing a newborn with family life whirling about me. She finally surmised that I was content to enjoy the present experience of mothering a tiny, dependant newborn.

I think that I was given the gift of understanding that although I ... (more)

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The Brown's

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

Charlie had guessed from the very beginning that there was something odd about the Brown family. The Browns’ had moved into the village four months ago with their two girl children and no one knew their real names except to be called “ The Brown’s” because it was written on their post box.

Charlie, Sam and Joey were present to witness the moving in of their new neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were both about five feet four inches in height but their weight we could not tell because the Brown’s wore long robes and each one had their head tied. Mr. Brown had a brown complexion, round... (more)

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Sports Time

By Kire Sdyor, published on Sep 6, 2012

Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Washington Irving used moving through time as plot devices without ever adding the science to the fiction. In movies and TV, heroes and villains move through time in order to right wrongs, save loved ones, make ridiculous sums of money, or remove their arch nemesis before they become a problem. Einstein, Hawking, and Sagan all weighed in on the practical science and problems for true time travel. Apparently James (Age 9) has been giving it a little thought himself...James: "Is time travel possible?"Dad: "Most people don't believe so but there are those that... (more)

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Christmas in September

By Kire Sdyor, published on Sep 2, 2012

... of Allston you just have to worry about the present. The burden of your parents yoke has been lifted. You are free. At least you will be as soon as you ask your parents to drive all the furniture, food and household goods they purchased for you down a narrow one way street lined with rental trucks, packs of beer drinking, dope smoking college students, and small groups of parents in Hazmat suits wandering the streets with random desk lamps in their hands wondering how after twenty years of caring and nuturing, their children's lives have come to this.Merry Christmas children of Allston.


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That's The Ticket

By Kire Sdyor, published on Aug 18, 2012

Usually it takes being hit in the head three or four times before I get a great idea and by then someone else has thought of it. Today's great idea is for a claim check ticket for your smart phone where just handing over your car, coat, or kid and then tapping your phone on the counter gives you a virtual ticket to retrieve them. Why do you need a virtual ticket, you say? It's not like you ever going to lose the paper one...Kire: "I lost the claim ticket."Ann: "What does that mean?"Kire: "It means I don't know where the claim ticket is."Ann: "But what does that mean?"Kire: "I guess it means... (more)

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Remembering A Special Lady...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 17, 2012

...come the motivation to heal herself... in doing this she would be free from her own pain.

This is the poem I had given her at one point. This became a mantra for her in some ways and I know at times it was the thing that kept her "sane."

I do believe that we have just the children we are supposed to, they come to teach us what we need to learn.

Hope you enjoy this poem as much as I have over the years.

Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good... (more)

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Put a Contract Out on Your Contractor

By Kire Sdyor, published on Aug 13, 2012

Everything is a deal to be made. Want to watch TV? You'll need you to clean the living room first. Ice Cream after dinner? Sure, but the rubbish must taken out beforehand. All my kids have learned this vital skill to one extent or another and strike a deal whenever possible. None do it quite as well as James (Age 9). I think he must read books on the side with titles like Tony Soprano's Guide to Negotiation or I'm the Don, and You Can Be Too. James always makes you an offer you can't refuse...James: "Dad, I wish to discuss my previously agreed upon chore."Dad: "You mean moving those... (more)

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