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Talk About It - Charlie Sheen's Next Goddess?

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 8, 2011

Dear Talk About It,

I found out from a friend of mine who does exotic dancing that Charlie Sheen is open to bringing in another goddess in his home! I'm so excited I don't know what to do. I have watched all of his shows and all of his recent interviews and think he is so hot! I really want to be with him but I'm having a hard time deciding how I can capture his attention. My girlfriend knows this guy who knows one of Charlie's former bodyguards who can help give him something from me. What should I do?


Hot for Charlie <3


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Losing Sheen

By baynurse, published on Mar 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen....You may have your opinions, you may have a name for him, A-hole, jerk, freak, ego maniac...

But, if a man were losing his leg to cancer would you call him those things and shun him? Then why are we ridiculing and laughing at a man losing his mind.

Bipolar disorder is a mental ILLNESS. Mr. Sheen is gravely ill and it will get worse acording to the progression of bipolar disorder. Symptoms of mania are increased self esteem, lack of sleep, increase in sex drive and behaviors, less need for sleep, rapid thoughts and pressured speech. the other side of mania... (more)

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Two and a half Men or just Charlie

By Lady D, published on Feb 26, 2011

...who teaches him boyish things), and bantering with Evelyn and various other friends and family... Written by KGF Vissers

2003 178 episodes Warner brothers Chuck Lorre Warner Brothers

This show has moved way past that description and has basically become a television version of Charlie Sheen’s life behind the curtain. Has Charlie’s life merged too deeply with the character or have we seen behind the curtain to many times.

Too bad it has made millions for the studio and producers.

It has been on the air since Sept 2003 and Charlie has been in the 178 episodes... (more)

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